Different ways to get Spirit Airlines boarding pass

The boarding pass is a passenger’s main document; without it, he will not be allowed to board the plane. The airport security services mark on boarding passes the passage of inspection and passport control. Spirit Airlines agents check this document when boarding to ensure that the passenger is on their flight and to help them find a seat on board.

The Spirit boarding pass is the precious sesame to present to the stopover agent to be able to board and board the plane. This document contains essential information about your flight, namely: Last name, First name, Spirit Airlines logo, Flight number, Seat number Time and boarding gate.

Type of boarding passes available at Spirit

The type of boarding pass depends on how you checked in for the flight: if you’ checked in for the flight yourself, it can be printed on your personal printer in A4 format, if you received a card boarding at the airport, it will be a rectangular sheet.

The boarding pass must contain information about the passenger, the date and time of departure, the flight number, the boarding gate on the plane and a seat in the cabin. If today it has become possible to have a boarding pass at hand on smartphones, the different elements were noted by hand in the previous decade on a standardized paper document.

Boarding passes were collected at the boarding gate and counted to ensure that the number of passengers who boarded corresponded to the number of registered passengers.

Today, the boarding pass can now be directly accessed via your smartphone and many companies choose this less expensive option, thus allowing the passenger to be identified.

The Spirit boarding pass may be in electronic form. During online self-checking, the US airline sends an electronic boarding pass to the passenger’s courier. No matter where you are traveling, you must print your boarding pass. This can be done at home or in the office, at check-in counters or airport check-in terminals.

Obtain your boarding pass in advance

You can get a boarding pass in advance by yourself or at the check-in counter at the airport. To get a boarding pass on your own, you must first go through online check-in on the airline’s website.

Get your Spirit boarding pass via its mobile app

By installing the Spirit mobile application on your smartphone, you can easily manage your air travel, from booking, online check-in to obtaining your boarding pass. This document can be saved in the smartphone, and the QR Code generated will also be presented when boarding.

Edit Spirit Airlines boarding pass before arriving at the airport?

To avoid stress and arrive relaxed at the airport, but also and above all to avoid costs potentially billed at the counter by the company on the day of departure, if you do not have it. The issue is generally possible between 48 hours and just a few hours before departure.

– The procedure to access your file

You have to go to the airline’s website spirit.com. Each has its own procedure, but they almost all require the same information. Here are some examples of how to access your folders. Then all you have to do is let yourself be guided to print your boarding pass.

How to print your boarding pass?

After completing online check-in on the airline’s website, you will be offered to print your boarding pass and send it to your email address. As a rule, a copy of the boarding pass is sent by post.

If you haven’t received or accidentally deleted a letter from the airline with check-in data, don’t worry, your data is in the airline’s system. You can contact Spirit to check if you entered your email correctly or resend your boarding pass. You can print the boarding pass on plain A4 paper, you don’t need to cut it with scissors into shape.

Check in from kiosks or self-service kiosks at the airport

What to do if there is no printer? If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry, you can print this document for free at the airport. This will be done by an airline employee at the check-in counter or by yourself at special electronic terminals.

They are located near your airline’s check-in counters and are called Check-in or Self Service Machine. These terminals have several foreign languages. You will need to enter your details, after which the terminal will print your boarding pass.

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