Traveling with Checked Baggage: Spirit Airlines Regulations

Spirit Airlines checked baggage is the pieces that the airline accepts from a passenger for carriage on its own responsibility, marks it with a baggage tag, and carries it in the baggage compartment of the aircraft.

Checked baggage is that which travels in the hold -or hold- of the aircraft, and not with you in the cabin. You check in this baggage when you arrive at the airport and collect it when you arrive at your destination. Thus, what you are going to carry in your checked baggage is out of your reach during the flight.

If you have health problems and need medication during the trip, it is practical that you include them in your hand luggage which is the one you will have closest to you during the flight and that you have the prescriptions with you. and medical recommendations justifying it.

Spirit Airlines baggage rules are such that the piece system is differentiated by destination. Each passenger is entitled to a piece of 62 inches whose maximum weight is limited to 41 Ib.

Spirit Airlines allows travelers to carry additional baggage with a maximum size of 80 inches and maximum dimensions of 63 inches.

What to carry in checked baggage?

What to pack in your checked baggage, what you can’t include, and what to do if you’re not sure what to pack in your baggage stowed in the hold.

In checked baggage, you can carry common objects of daily life: clothes, shoes, books, … Liquids such as gel, shampoo, toothpaste, … can also be carried in this baggage without quantity restriction.

In this luggage you can also carry sharp objects prohibited in hand baggage, such as razors with blades, nail clippers or scissors, …

Items Prohibited in Checked Baggage

There are a number of very specific items that you may not carry in your checked baggage as changes in temperature and pressure or aircraft movement may cause them to explode or catch fire, which may danger the safety of passengers and crew members at risk.

Spirit Airlines may change your baggage allowance

If you exceed the authorized weight in checked baggage, the American carrier offers to buy extra kilos that you can pay to leave nothing behind. The purchase can be made online on its website, where you can benefit from a discount of up to 50% of the original rate.

Carriage of weapons in checked baggage

In the United States, weapons can be transported in checked baggage provided they have an official permit issued by the Civil Guard Arms Intervention. You should check with the competent authority of the country where you are to find out if you can travel with arms to any country outside Spain.

To transport weapons in checked baggage, they must be unloaded and in appropriately conditioned containers for their safety during the transfer. Additionally, ammunition must be carried in a hard case separate from the weapon.

Can animals travel in the hold?

Spirit Airlines agrees to carry an animal in the hold depending on its size and weight. For any passenger wishing to travel with his four-legged friend by plane, he can take him in the cabin, or in the hold, if his weight or size does not comply with the requirements of the airline company. It is for this reason that it is necessary to contact her 48 hours in advance to agree with her agents on all the details.

Carry valuables in luggage

For any passenger who intends to carry a valuable item in checked baggage with Spirit Airlines, he must first make a declaration at the airport so that, if he suffers damage, he can collect compensation.

Prohibited Items: Items not to be placed in checked baggage

Although the passenger can carry almost anything in their checked baggage, there are a number of items they cannot include. Here are some details about what cannot be carried in checked baggage, we think it is important to highlight as these are common items in everyday life. For example, one cannot carry electronic cigarettes, lighters or matches (matches) or lithium batteries apart from their corresponding electronic devices.

Here’s what you can’t carry in your checked baggage:

– Explosives, of all kinds (from detonators to fireworks or flares).

– Gas (e.g. gas cylinders for camping or similar).

– Flammable liquids (petrol, glue, etc.).

– Flammable solids and reactive substances (matches, lighters, gas lanterns, …)

– Oxidizers and organic peroxides (detergents and similar).

– Radioactive material.

– Toxic and/or infectious substances (rodenticides, blood, etc.).

– Engine parts that have contained fuel.

– Electronic cigarettes.

– Lithium batteries apart from their associated devices.

For any passenger in doubt as to whether something can be carried in their checked baggage, it is best to check with Spirit Airlines Customer Service before arriving at the airport.

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