Spirit Airlines: Conditions and travel costs for unaccompanied minors

As vacations and public holidays approach, thousands of people plan air travel. For any passenger who wants their child to have a vacation with their loved ones, but they don’t know how, if they don’t get a vacation? Nothing is lost. Therefore, one should think in advance about how to plan the flight of a child without parents.

Travel of a child without accompaniment by plane

Spirit Airlines allows a child to travel without parental protection. However, in this regard, the parent or legal guardian of the child is obliged to provide the small passenger with additional care. The rules according to which such a trip is possible largely depend on the age of the child. Thus, the younger your child, the more strictly the obligation to take care of the child is regulated.

Spirit Airlines accepts minors over the age of 5 to travel alone on its flights. On the other hand, passengers over the age of fifteen are not obliged to book this service, but they are required to present their identity documents in addition to a birth certificate to the gate agent to confirm their age.

Small passengers between 5 and 14 years traveling alone make the trip in the presence of special assistance. Therefore, care is taken care of by a member of the airline’s cabin crew and passenger service. These people are designated in the ground handling process at each airport.

This service should not be used indeed by children under the care of a person over 15 years of age. Similarly, children over the age of fifteen may travel alone or, at the request of a parent, may be assisted by ground and cabin crew.

Even if the plane ticket reservation is made online, the parent of the little traveler must call Spirit Airlines customer service by telephone (85572.835.55) to inform him about the trip of his little child knowing that this procedure must be carried out 48 hours before departure.

How is check-in done for an unaccompanied minor?

Contrary to the reservation of plane ticket which can be carried out online, the registration of an unaccompanied minor on a Spirit Airline flight must be carried out at the airport at least sixty minutes before departure. This service is not available online.

A form must be completed when checking in at the airport, containing all the information about the passenger, his parents and the guardian picking him up on arrival of the flight.

Travel of minors alone by Spirit Airline plane: Certain documents are required

Parents or guardians of children traveling alone are required to complete a special document called the Airline Care Statement. First of all, the document can be obtained at the offices of Spirit Airlines or directly at the ticket and baggage check-in. A child traveling by plane without his parents also receives a special neck bag. It contains passport, boarding pass and other documents.

From arrival at the airport to boarding, how does an unaccompanied minor travel with Spirit Airline?

The little traveler must be brought to the airport by the parent or other legal guardian. Currently, this obligation has been clarified. Therefore, it is imperative that the parent or guardian remains at the airport until the aircraft has taken off. Everything in case of possibility of unexpected cancellation of a flight.

For all small passengers who travel with Spirit Airlines, the carrier has prepared a special check-in counter called “Family check-in”. The passenger must check in at this panel no later than sixty minutes before flight departure. Of course, he must be accompanied by his parents or guardian.

From then on, the child will remain in the custody of a qualified ground agent. Treatments will continue until boarding. An unaccompanied child traveling by air will go through expedited passport control with an airport service representative. In addition, the child will have to pass a security check, during which he will board in front of the other passengers.

After boarding the aircraft, the child will be looked after by cabin crew from the time of take-off until the aircraft lands. Also, after landing, the ground staff at the destination airport will pick up the little passenger from the plane and help carry their luggage. And then he will accompany him to the exit and will only hand him over to the person designated by his relative.

Rates and prices of the service provided to unaccompanied minors

The assistance and accompaniment services provided to a minor passenger who takes a Spirit Airlines flight alone are payable in addition. The cost of purchasing the assistance service, when the child is traveling alone, varies depending on the country your child is traveling to. Seat prices vary from $1 to $250, namely:

$1 to $50 when traveling on a regular seat

$12 to $250 when traveling on a large seat

$25 to $250 to fly in a seat located in front

For any transport of additional baggage, here are the fees and charges offered to unaccompanied minors:

$50 for a piece of luggage weighing between 41Ibs and 50Ibs

$75 for a piece weighing between 51Ibs and 70Ibs

$100 if the weight is greater than 62Ibs and less than 81Ibs

$150 for a bag weighing 80lbs.

By being a member of the Spirit Saver program, $ Club can transport as much luggage as they want for a price that varies from $70 to $130.

For those who want to travel with sports equipment, Spirit Airline bills them:

$75 to transport a bike

$100 to travel with a surfboard

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