Traveling with a golf bag: What does Spirit Airlines say?

Golf equipment is carried free on board Spirit Airlines aircraft if the total weight of baggage, including the golf set, does not exceed the allowances established for that direction. The weight of the golf set does not exceed 40 pounds.

If your golf bag exceeds the airline’s regulated weight, each additional kilogram is subject to payment at the applicable excess baggage rate for that itinerary. Your bag can hold up to fourteen clubs (14) and (12) twelve golf balls.

Bringing your own golf bag on board a Spirit Airlines plane? Many golfers book a golf trip every year. Playing golf abroad often makes it very special and all over the world you have fantastic places where you can play golf. Of course, you prefer to do it with your own golf set.

But how does it actually work with your own golf clubs on the plane? What are the options and how much does it cost to take your golf bag on the plane?

There’s probably nothing quite like playing golf with your own golf set. If you want to take your golf clubs with you on a trip, they should be carried in a golf travel bag or case. The golf travel bag is available in different sizes and prices. A rigid travel bag is the most beautiful and the best, but not the most practical. You always have a big suitcase at home that you need to put away. You can fold a soft case and it is easier to store.

Make the best choice of golf bag

A normal golf bag with a top lid is not enough if you are going on vacation and want to take your golf clubs with you. Fortunately, there are special golf travel bags called travel bags. A few tips to keep in mind when buying a golf travel bag:

– Choose a travel bag with wheels at the bottom;

– Make sure there is a padded protective layer inside;

– Choose a reinforced bag. This prevents pressure points from forming on your clubs due to other bags piling up on your golf bag;

Ask Spirit Airlines about the weight and dimensions of the golf bag well in advance so that you don’t have any surprises when you arrive at the check-in counter.

Some practical tips for preparing your golf bag

Each passenger wishing to transport their golf equipment by plane must:

– Put in the bag the handle of a broomstick longer than its tallest driver.

– Make sure the head covers are on the club heads so the clubs don’t damage each other.

– Save weight by only taking the clubs he uses on the course, a minimum number of golf balls, and cleaning out the golf bag of all the mess he normally drags around the golf course.

– Buy a travel padlock to securely lock your bag to prevent not only something from coming out of your bag, but also something from being put inside.

– Mention his contact details on his travel bag. If the bag gets lost, they know where to get it.

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