Informative guide to Spirit Airlines’ policy for the carriage of carry-on baggage in the cabin

Spirit Airlines allows its passengers to carry one piece of baggage in the cabin and another in the hold by regulating the weight and dimensions of the pieces.

What is the baggage allowance offered to passengers?

All fares offered by Spirit Airlines include the same baggage allowance. Each passenger can take one piece of hand luggage with a maximum size of 50 inches (handles and wheels included), and 40 inches for the personal bag as well as a small accessory which can be a handbag, laptop bag, …

Hand luggage is luggage that each passenger can take with him on board the plane and fold it either under the seat in front of him or in a special luggage compartment above his head.

Hand luggage can be a backpack, a small bag or a small suitcase. Spirit Airlines also allows you to take an additional item which can be a personal item such as a handbag, laptop or camera, crutches, crib, … Each passenger must however measure their suitcase in advance and weight their hand luggage home. If an excess is found, the extra items will need to be checked in or pay for non-standard carry-on baggage.

What can you take on a plane?

Spirit Airlines has its own rules and regulations for carrying baggage on an aircraft. These regulations govern the size and weight of carry-on baggage, items permitted to be carried, and packing requirements. When a passenger checks in for a flight or at the boarding gate, hand luggage is weighed, checked and marked with an airline tag. If it does not meet airline size or security requirements, it must be checked in and paid for as checked baggage.

In order for the passenger to protect himself from such embarrassing situations, he is recommended to read and inquire carefully about the requirements and restrictions of the American airline.
If it is special baggage, sports baggage or if you are taking your pet with you, you must contact Spirit Airlines customer service to plan the transport of your equipment without problem and without risk of refusal at the airport.

Here are the kinds of items a passenger can carry in their handbag:

– Documents, money and credit cards

– Mobile Phone

– A laptop

– Camera

– Liquids in containers with a maximum volume of 100 ml.

– Clothes

– Solid foods (hard cheese, chocolate, apples)

– Personal jewelry

– Medicines (with prescription)

– Most eye/nose/ear drops

– Disposable / electric razor

– Curling iron

– Deodorant

– Hair dryer

– Toothbrush (manual and electric)

Items not to be put in hand luggage

Every passenger taking a Spirit Airlines flight should be aware that they are not permitted to carry the following items in their baggage or handbag:

– Explosive substances;

– Electroshock devices;

– Flammable substances including lighters, solvents, adhesives and sealants;

– Signal rocket launchers;

– Assembly guns;

– Compressed and liquefied gases;

– Pyrotechnics;

– Magnets;

– Solid, toxic and radioactive flammable substances.

– Acids and corrosive substances

Spirit Airlines refuses boarding of passengers carrying in their baggage any type of weapon, as well as its imitation, models, toys including bladed weapons, pneumatic weapons, brass knuckles, nunchucks, gun-shaped lighters, darts and slingshots, cartridges, souvenirs, fake weapons.

Sewing and cutting items such as knives, knitting needles, corkscrews, forks, nail scissors, nail files, medical needles and screwdrivers are not accepted in the cabin.

Spirit Airlines also refuses its passengers to carry in their handbag sports equipment and blunt objects such as snowshoes, sticks, skis, hammers, cues, ski poles, construction keys and inflated balloons.

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