Spirit Airlines provides assistance to passengers with reduced mobility

Spirit Airlines takes care of transporting passengers with reduced mobility and provides them with special treatment during the flight. These passengers may need a wheelchair, oxygen concentrator, or they may be visually impaired and need assistance getting on and off the plane.

Spirit Airlines has its own special conditions or services, so it is convenient to contact them directly in these cases. Nevertheless, there are a series of recommendations for special passengers on the plane and some common behaviors that are regulated in all airports. It is mandatory for the passenger to contact his air operator at least 48 hours before his flight to inform him about his case and the device he needs to carry with him on the plane.

Categories of people with reduced mobility traveling by air

They are all those people whose mobility capacity is reduced due to a physical or mental impairment, so they need special attention and adaptation to their needs as passengers.

Assistance for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility is available at all airports served by Spirit Airlines. This airport assistance service for people with reduced mobility must be requested at least two days before departure, or communicated to the airline when purchasing or booking the ticket. This is also very important, because for safety reasons, the number of seats on the plane for people with reduced mobility is limited.

When the passenger advises his airline Spirit Airlines that he needs this service, it will tell him what it is and specify the place and time.

Accompanying staff will assist the passenger in all procedures inside the airport, accompanying him from check-in until arrival at the seat of the aircraft.

These staff are not obliged to accompany these passengers in the airport, but normally the meeting points where they pick up or welcome passengers with reduced mobility are very close to bus stops or car parks.

If ever the passenger is independent or a member of his family can accompany him to all the steps prior to boarding, he must also notify him in advance, but in no case accompanying him without a boarding pass cannot accompany him to the plane.

For people with reduced mobility, there are the same security checks, but when boarding the plane, they have priority boarding and inside it, the appropriate plane seats are available to them assigned.

Take flight with crutches

Almost all of the services requested by people with reduced mobility are provided free of charge by Spirit Airlines. It can be assistance with boarding, wheelchair, complete personal assistance, …

Crutches can be taken on the plane and do not count as baggage allowance, they pass through security and can be taken on board. In case of need of crutches and accompanied travel, it is not recommended to request the escort service at the airport, as it is free for people with reduced mobility.

When boarding the plane, the crew can place the crutches in a suitable place during the flight.

Wheelchairs on the plane also do not count as baggage allowance, but sometimes they cannot be taken on the plane. If they are manual, there should be no problem. they are stored in the hold and collected later at the baggage carousel at the arrival airport, they must be correctly folded.

In the case of dry, liquid or lithium battery powered wheelchairs, Spirit Airlines personnel must be notified in advance.

Pregnant women on the plane: Spirit Airlines conditions

In the case of pregnant women who travel by plane, the American carrier advises against traveling after 36 weeks of gestation.

Normally you have to sign a disclaimer from the company. In the case of a trip on Iberia, for example, authorization is not requested before the twenty-eighth week.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before planning a trip, especially if you have had any type of complication or to certify how many weeks you are on board, since nothing is specified when buying the plane ticket. When they prove that you are pregnant, the airlines allow you priority boarding.

Spirit Airlines has its own regulations, so it is very important that you inform yourself in advance. If you are traveling abroad, it is very handy for you to know if you need to get vaccinated, take precautions against mosquitoes or what the schedule changes are and how they affect you.

It is good to know some good guidelines for traveling pregnant and making the flight as comfortable as possible, such as reducing stress before the flight, staying hydrated throughout the trip or pampering your legs to avoid heaviness.

Boarding passengers with other illnesses

Regardless of the illness from which the passenger suffers, whether he needs a wheelchair, is asthmatic or suffers from any allergy, He must only inform Spirit Airlines so that his staff will have the opportunity to offer him the appropriate assistance and help on the day of the flight. Its medical service will study whether or not you can travel and will assess the relevant conditions and prices in each case.

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