Get compensation after flight overbooked by Spirit Airlines

Overbooking is a fairly common practice in the United States, and there is nothing illegal about it. The principle is simple: it consists of selling more seats than there are on the plane. By practicing overbooking, Spirit Airlines is counting on the fact that there will be passengers who do not come at the last moment anyway. Either because they are sick, or because they have a last minute impediment or they have simply changed their plan, as a result, places are freed up. And if that’s not the case, too bad, the company will ask some passengers to take a next flight. This allows the airline to maximize its revenue.

Overbooking consists of selling more tickets than available seats on the plane. The passenger is a victim when Spirit Airlines, which must transport him, refuses his boarding because his seat has been sold to another, and in this case he deserves to be compensated financially.

The airline consumer protection law in the United States already provides for the reimbursement and compensation policy that must be respected by American airlines, including Spirit Airlines, so that all passengers benefit from the same protection. This law applies to all passengers departing from the United States or traveling with a US carrier.

Right to compensation when the flight is overbooked

When such inconvenience occurs, Spirit Airlines does its best to find an amicable settlement. She is looking for passengers who agree to board another flight. The passenger and the company then find an arrangement: a sum of money, a night at the hotel or other attractive compensation.

This law provides, among other things, compensation of up to 400% of the price of a one-way ticket up to $1,750 in situations where your seat has been overbooked. It also obliges Spirit Airlines to reimburse tickets and additional costs associated with a long delay or cancellation of a flight. However, it should be noted that for simple delays, no compensation is possible.

In addition to the compensation paid to the victim, the company must also support it. For example by finding them accommodation for the night if necessary, by ensuring their transfer between the hotel and the airport.

Overbooking can be beneficial for the passenger

The solution that Spirit Airlines usually give to this problem is to offer a flight to the same destination a few hours later. The passenger has no choice but to accept it so as not to stay on the ground or delay his trip, which is a real upheaval in the traveller’s schedule.

However, this misadventure can be profitable for you, since it is not the only solution that the airline can offer you.

If the next flight takes more than two hours to take off, the passenger concerned can demand, at least in the United States, a refund of up to four times the price of the plane ticket. In addition, the airline is under an obligation to take the passenger to his destination, so even if he loses a few hours, he would earn much more money than he would have spent to buy his plane ticket.

How to claim rights from Spirit Airlines?

The American carrier is able to provide the victim with all the necessary information to help him file a claim and obtain his rights as an air consumer knowing that the compensation he will be paid does not replace his right to reimbursement.

To claim compensation from Spirit Airlines, the passenger must only contact their customer service and inform them of the inconvenience to which they were the victim, then the latter will take charge of creating their compensation claim file. You can reach a customer service representative of this airline by calling only 855.7283.555

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