Taking a Spirit Airlines flight with a wheelchair

With Spirit Airlines, you can fly easily with your wheelchair. If you want to travel with this device and organize a nice trip, whether to the other side of the world or not very far, you often have to take the plane, …

Book your plane ticket in advance

Assistance must always be reserved 48 hours at the latest before your flight, but it is best to do so as soon as the reservation is effective, or even before it. Spirit Airlines has a specific service. It is then possible to buy tickets directly on the phone, and to reserve PMR assistance.

Traveling with a:

– WCHR: The person can take stairs and move around but needs to be in a wheelchair to travel long distances. Support is provided to the terminal.- WCHS: The passenger can move over short distances but cannot take stairs. The accompaniment is done until the entry of the plane.

– WCHP: The passenger has a severe disability and needs assistance to board, disembark and a wheelchair to move around the cabin. The accompaniment is done to the seat. Finally, just pay and presto, it’s done.You must pay attention to the model of your wheelchair

If you are traveling with an electric or motorized wheelchair, you may not be permitted to board if your wheelchair battery poses a hazard. The regulations are as follows: only dry batteries are authorized without conditions. Wet batteries are prohibited unless special permission is obtained. Lithium batteries are only authorized if their capacity is less than 300Wh and must be carried in the cabin.

It is better to take non-connecting flights

Non-stop flights are sometimes a bit more expensive, but connecting flights increase the risk of your wheelchair being damaged during transfer from one plane to another, or even forgotten in the transit airport (which happens with a lot of suitcase.

Do not travel alone on board

Generally, a disabled person must be accompanied by an able-bodied adult if they find themselves in one of the following cases:

– If she is unable to fasten and unfasten her seat belt without assistance.- If she cannot reach the emergency exit without assistance in the event of an emergency.- If she cannot recover and adjust her lifejacket, or put on an oxygen mask without assistance.- If she needs assistance with the toilet, eating or taking medication.- If she is unable to understand the instructions given by the on-board staff.

A confirmation that everything is good for your flight, a week before departure does not hurt. We advise you to contact the company again before your flight to make sure that you will not have any unpleasant surprises on D-Day.

The necessary travel documents must be prepared in advance. In addition to your passport or identity card, consider bringing a few items that may be useful in the future.

If you use an electric wheelchair: ask the manufacturer for a certificate or technical sheet, which certifies the composition of your wheelchair with the brand, weight and in particular the type of battery. This can also be useful if the wheelchair has to be taken apart to put it on the plane.

If you need a medical bag for medication or special diets, just bring a prescription on boarding day, and you won’t have to pay for that last extra bag.

Arrive at the airport early on the day of departure

For a passenger with reduced mobility, he must always remember to arrive a little early (three hours before the departure of the flight), for safety, to avoid bad experiences.

Upon arrival at the airport, the passenger must go to the Spirit Airlines counter to check in. You must always ask to keep your own wheelchair until the boarding gate. If the plane is not connected to the boarding gate by an airport walkway, the passenger will show up in a small vehicle, equipped with a lifting platform, which will bring him directly in front of the door of the plane.

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