Spirit Airlines Flight change booking Fee: Ticket/Name/Date

When buying Spirit Airlines air tickets, you need to be extremely careful and correctly fill in all the necessary data. The agents at the airport are very careful that the information specified corresponds to that provided in the documents.

The situation is complicated by the fact that it is often impossible to make major changes to the reservation, and you have to return the old ticket and buy a new one. Therefore, it is better not to rush and check everything carefully.

However, in certain special cases, such as changing the passport number and the departure date, it is quite possible to rebook the reservation. Moreover, it is totally free if you do it at least sixty days before departure. And fortunately, this can be done online, but it is not necessary to go directly to the office of the low cost company. Simply contact Spirit Airlines Reservations at 855.728.35.55

If plans have changed and the passenger decides to return the ticket by returning their money, this can only be done at the place where it was purchased. It is a little easier to return an e-ticket, as there is no need to go to the ticket office: just call the call center, where you will be asked for the reservation details and the phone number, the card with which the purchase was paid.

Correct a misspelled name on a ticket

It may happen that a passenger enters their name incorrectly when booking. According to the rules, it must strictly correspond to the passport data. Well, if you got the first and last name mixed up in places. Your ticket may be rejected and you may lose your right to board.

If you notice an inaccuracy in the spelling of the name, contact your Spirit airline immediately. You will be informed in detail about what can be done or redirected to the travel agency where the ticket was purchased. The sooner you ask for help, the more likely you are to fly without a problem.

Spirit authorizes the correction of slight errors and also allows the complete replacement of the surname and first name by the data of another passenger but by providing supporting documents.

However, allowing such changes is not always guaranteed. For codeshare flights, for example, most often this option is not available. This is because airlines operate in different reservation systems which are not interconnected and cannot technically make changes.

It is allowed to correct the name in the ticket itself. After that, the ticket is rewritten and assigned a new number. Some airlines do this for free, but there are very few of them.

If it is not possible to correct the name on your ticket, Spirit creates a new reservation at the current price and offers the passenger to pay the fine, as well as the difference between the price of the existing ticket and the new ticket with the correct name.

The difference can be both small and huge, especially if you applied a few days before departure, as prices for scheduled flights only increase over time. Please note that when creating a new booking, it is most often technically impossible for an airline or travel agency to cancel an old booking without first creating a new one. This means that if there are no seats available on your travel date, Spirit Airlines will not be able to create a reservation with the correct name. Therefore, the sooner you apply for a name correction, the more likely it is.

Procedure for changing the date and issuing a ticket exchange

In the case of a ticket purchased via the Internet, you must visit the official page of the carrier Spirit Airlines. Then find the Modify Booking button. When you identify yourself to your customer account, you have access to all the necessary information, as well as a form to enter the reservation code and your last name.

Then special forms or windows will appear, filling in which you will gradually arrange the exchange.
The only information you need for this is the reservation code and your personal data: surname.

However, the online Spirit flight manage and modification service is preferred by all travelers, from time to time, it may not be accessible for any reason: bug, inaccessibility of the website, … In this case , passengers can opt for the other solutions issued by Spirit. They can indeed call the call center of the American company by telephone at 855.72.835.55 or send them an SMS at 48763.

Change the date of a Spirit Airlines flight ticket

Buying plane tickets from the low cost carrier from time to time from frequent flyers comes with the question: is it possible to exchange a ticket for a Spirit airline plane for another date?

Anything can happen in life, a change in circumstances, the transfer of the date of a business trip or vacation to other dates, all this can cause an almost hysterical search for where and how to exchange a ticket. The fact that changing the date of a ticket issued by Spirit is not particularly difficult is encouraging.

However, a date change will inevitably trigger a ticket exchange. And here it all depends on the tariff plan for which you bought it.

Consider how much the fine is when exchanging tickets at a particular fare due to the transfer of another date.

Travel date change fee

Spirit Airlines does not charge any fees when the modification of travel dates is made more than sixty days before the scheduled departure. Otherwise, a fee is charged for any change to a flight date, as follows:

  • $49, 59 to 7 days;
  • $79, 6 to 3 days;
  • $99, 2 days before departure.

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