Which seat to choose to travel with peace of mind by plane

Before taking their flight with Spirit Airlines, the passenger has the possibility of consulting the plan of the plane deployed on their route, and thus choosing their seat on board.

The traveler can consult the online seat plan on “Manage Booking“, where he can choose a seat ensuring a comfortable journey by plane.

Choosing the right airplane seats can mean the difference between a good flight and a terrible one. The strategy is to choose the best airplane seats available among the rest. This can be a very big decision, especially if you’re traveling on a long-haul flight.

If this operation is left until the last moments before departure, the options to choose from will surely be limited and the passenger must resign himself to what is available. For this reason, it is important that when purchasing tickets, one consults the plan of the aircraft operated by Spirit Airlines on the booked flight, on when online check-in begins. Thus, one can anticipate and choose the seat that suits him.

Make the best choice of your seat on the plane: A few tips to remember

Airplane seats always use two characters: a number for the row and a letter for the position of the seat in the row.

Each airplane seat includes a number indicating the row number, counted from the front of the airplane to the tail area. Row number one would be first, and so on. The number of rows will depend on the type of aircraft and its capacity.

The number of seats in the row also usually varies depending on the type of aircraft and can range from five to eight or even more. Seats in all rows are named with letters following the alphabet order from left to right.

It is convenient that one has the possibility of seeing a diagram of the seats of the plane in order to locate the position of each row in relation to the wings and to locate the emergency doors.

Choosing a comfortable seat on the plane? Indeed, it depends on the preference of each passenger, however, certain elements must always be taken into consideration when choosing your seat on board:

– Window seats: On long flights, these seats can be one of the best options, as they allow you to sleep more comfortably by being able to lean on them.

– Aisle seats: their main advantage is that they allow you to stretch your legs on the sides when you need to. However, the traveler must stand whenever window or center seat passengers need to exit. This seat is quite suitable for passengers who often go to the toilet, avoiding disturbing other passengers who are seated next to it.

Intermediate seats between aisle and window or between aisles: these are the ones that limit freedom of movement the most. They can only be recommended if you are traveling with another person.

Avoid the queue for long plane journeys

The rows of an airplane are selected both because of the rush the passenger has to leave when they arrive at their destination, as well as because of some other factors that also affect comfort:

– The first six rows

One of its main advantages is that the noise of the engines is barely heard and that you can get out of the cabin more quickly. Some people also prefer this area to be among the first to select foods.

– Rows in the wing area

Their main advantage is that, in the event of turbulence, they are less noticeable than in the rest of the rows. The main disadvantage may be that the wings do not allow you to appreciate the landscape.

– Rows at the emergency doors

People seated in these seats have more space to stretch their legs. However, in the case of front door emergency seats, they usually do not recline, so on a long trip it would be very inconvenient to rest. Another important fact that the passenger must take into account is that children or people with reduced mobility cannot travel in these seats.

– Rows at the back of the plane

Passengers sit near the toilets but the food will take longer to arrive and you will be one of the last to get off. In turbulence, vibrations in this area may be more noticeable.

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