Hawaiian Airlines brings you exclusive car rental deals with AVIS

A major player in car rental in the world with a presence in several countries, the AVIS network has joined forces with Hawaiian Airlines, the airline based in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airlines is cooperating exclusively with AVIS, unveiling new car rental products and services.

AVIS has been one of the Hawaiian company’s exclusive car rental providers for several years. This car rental brand offers car rental service to passengers traveling with Hawaiian Airlines at premium rates, including discounts of up to 35% on several base rentals and exclusive products.

Hawaiian Airlines customers can also easily access a range of rental vehicles from around the world through a new joint Avis website, as well as through the Hawaiian Airlines mobile website and mobile app.

The lessor’s products are distributed on all the “car rental” engines of the airline’s websites.

Avis specifies that as part of its global partnership with Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian airline customers benefit from preferential rates on a wide range of Avis vehicles. The rental company specifies that members of the Hawaiian Miles loyalty program can take advantage of discounts of up to 30 off the best Avis fare.

The presence of AVIS and its multiple brands on the American company’s website and mobile application allows customers to simultaneously book their flight and car rental and choose from a wide selection of vehicles and products with the benefit of ‘exclusive offers.

As part of this enhanced agreement, passengers can take advantage of basic rental services offered by AVIS with discounts of up to 30% respectively, worldwide. In addition, AVIS has launched packages designed to meet the specific needs of each Hawaiian Airlines customer (Details of promotions and tailor-made rental services are available at this page.

By renting a car from AVIS, passengers earn 250 miles for being a member of the Hawaiian Airlines reward program, 500 miles for holding Pualani Gold status, and 750 miles for holding 750 mile status.

You earn 500 miles if you rent a car for two to four days. And you can get 1,200 miles by renting a car for a term of five days or more.

To benefit from the exclusive discounts offered to Hawaiian Airlines customers, you only need to make your car rental reservation at HawaiianAirlines.com/Cars where you must enter the following codes: AVIS: A368908 / Coupon: MUAA018

On the strength of their partnership built several years ago, Hawaiian Airlines and AVIS are contributing to the ongoing evolution of car-flying services, and offering their customers a service that allows them to travel with peace of mind and without interruption. Today, Hawaiian Airlines passengers benefit from innovative car rental solutions and products tailored to their needs, making their travel more enjoyable.

The proposal offered to passengers includes several additional key points, accessible via the Hawaiian network. One of these key points is the diverse car rental service it makes available to them through AVIS.

The various brands of the AVIS group have a large fleet and a real international network, which make them an extremely advantageous solution for the customers of the Hawaiian company, who will be able to continue to benefit from rental cars and promotional offers, unlimited.

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