Carry-On Baggage: Hawaiian Airlines imposes hand cabin luggage restrictions

Each paying passenger can only carry one piece of hand baggage and one personal item. Passengers can check in strollers or car seats at the boarding gate. When paying adult passengers with children, in addition to free carry-on baggage, they can take car seats, infant seats or trolleys as checked baggage on the plane (infants sitting on the lap of a adult will no longer benefit from a separate baggage allowance).

If these items can be placed in the suitcase above the seat or in the space under the seat in the front, they can be considered as carry-on baggage on board the aircraft. In addition to carry-on baggage, passengers can also carry a personal item on board, such as a wallet, briefcase, laptop bag, backpack or the like.

The main luggage storage area on the plane is the space under the front seat. The luggage compartment above the seat is available to all passengers on a first come, first served basis. If the cabin item cannot be safely placed under the front seat or in the luggage compartment above the seat, or if all baggage storage areas are full, the passenger should check in the baggage and items. pick up at destination. With the exception of free hand baggage, please refer to the following regulations for other baggage. For liquid baggage restrictions, please refer to US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) 3-1-1 guidelines.

With increasingly stringent baggage size regulations, it’s hard to know if your suitcase fits today’s baggage size.

Airlines have frequently changed their baggage size policies, and each company has its own rules. Additionally, there are countless luggage options out there and it is difficult to determine if a suitcase is really approved carry-on luggage, especially when shopping online.

Although Hawaiian Airlines adheres to Transportation Insurance Administration (TSA) rules regarding the types of items you can carry on board an aircraft or store in checked baggage, it has its own unique rules for carry-on and carry-on baggage. by hand luggage.

There are carry-on baggage limits in Hawaii and fees for checked baggage, as well as for items that exceed size and weight parameters.

Hand baggage regulations

Hawaiian Airlines regulates both the size and the amount of carry-on baggage that can be carried on flights. Hand luggage should be placed under the seat in front of you or in an overhead compartment. They cannot exceed 45 linear inches (+ width + height) in length or 25 pounds. Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers one carry-on baggage as well as one additional personal item.

Additional personal items, according to the Hawaiian Airlines website, include a “full-size purse,” laptop, diaper bag, or duty-free bag or box. While keeping them on you, Hawaiian Airlines also allows you to bring other items on the flight, such as a coat, umbrella, trekking poles, camera, “reasonable amount”.

Are you bringing a baby? You will benefit from a hand baggage allowance

If you are an adult passenger traveling with children, you may take the following carry-on baggage on the Hawaiian Airlines aircraft, as long as the baggage fits in the overhead baggage compartment or under your front seat. If you choose to check in this baggage, it will be included in the baggage allowance for adult passengers traveling with children. (There is no independent baggage allowance for weapon babies):

  • Vehicle seat
  • Baby vehicle seat
  • Trolley

The following items are not considered hand baggage. Each paying passenger may bring the following items free of charge in their own custody:

  • A purse or a notebook
  • A coat or jacket
  • A pair of foot pads
  • An umbrella or a cane
  • A camera
  • A pair of telescopes
  • Moderate amount of travel reading
  • Baby food on the go
  • Folding wheelchairs / or crutches / or supports or other prostheses used by passengers on the same flight
  • Any functional equipment or mobility aid

Prohibited items (prohibited on board)

These are the items weighing more than 45 kg or more than 206 cm.

For travel within the United States only, the baggage regulations of the first carrier apply throughout the itinerary. If an international flight segment is included in the itinerary, the baggage regulations of the first international air carrier will apply to the entire itinerary, whether it is a stopover or not.

Reminder: Hawaiian Airlines states that all passenger baggage must pass a security inspection and that the type of baggage carried must comply with applicable regulations, such as currency, drugs, cameras, jewelry, documents personal items, including passports, keys and other valuables, etc., all require passengers Take it with you and keep it carefully, please do not check it in your baggage.

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