What should a Hawaiian Airlines Premium Class flight look like?

Inspired by the Hawaiian environment, the cabin is based on land, sandy beaches, sea and natural materials. Soft curved seats and translucent materials create an open and spacious space, reminiscent of calm ocean waves. The unique design of this cabin gives you the feeling that no other flat seat from any other airline has.

Reclining seats

You can easily recline up to 180 degrees, so find a comfortable position. The simple and intuitive design makes it easy to use and comfortable.

You can use Airbus A330-200 airplanes with fully flat seats on all routes departing from the United States.

Integrated power supply

Each seat has two USB ports and mains power, so you can work, watch and charge your camera throughout your flight.

Flexible design

Whether you are traveling with a companion or traveling alone, premium cabins are designed to be flexible, perfectly finished for a two-person flight. Likewise, you can relax using the privacy screen.

Upgrade to Premium class

  • Hawaiian Airlines offers a “Bid Up” to Business Class upgrade program.
  • If you make a successful bid, you can browse the target section in business class.
  • Priority baggage (2 pieces)
  • Check-in lane for business class passengers only
  • Priority boarding
  • Access to the Hawaiian Airlines lounge (only at eligible airports)
  • Fully flat seat for added comfort
  • In-flight meal by a famous Hawaiian chef

Enjoy a full range of entertainment programming with business class headsets and in-flight entertainment tablets.

Hawaiian Airlines has unveiled the Business class which now equips all its A330-200s.

The new cabin includes 193 cm long fully flat bed seats, designed with the Italian company Optimares. The 18 seats, arranged in 2 + 2 + 2 (“an ideal configuration for couples and families traveling to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands” according to Hawaiian Airlines), will maximize the living space of the traveler while allowing him to choose between intimacy or the sharing of their flight experience.

The in-flight entertainment system is available on latest generation large format tablets mounted on telescopic arms, in order to optimize viewing angles and comfort.

Hawaiian Airlines relied on consultant PaulWylde for the cabin design to convey “the language of the company based on natural colors and the shapes of the island’s landscapes”: curves evoking the winds and the ocean blend with organic textures, pops of color and luxury materials such as Poltrona Frau Leather.

A new Business class for the A330s

Hawaiian Airlines has created an experience that brings a new era in premium travel to Hawaii, and based on feedback from its passengers. This bespoke design brings world-class comfort and style, while staying true to the roots of the company, known for the warm atmosphere of its cabin crew.

This new cabin is also accompanied by configuration changes at the rear of the aircraft: the A330-200 has 28 additional seats in Premium Extra Comfort (space between the rows of 36 inches / 91.4 cm), for a total of 68 places. For Hawaiian Airlines, it was “to meet the growing demand” of this popular class, where the passenger benefits from priority boarding and a power outlet at each seat. On the contrary, the Economy class will go from 236 to 192 seats, while retaining its space between the rows of 31 inches / 78.7 cm. The new A330-200s can thus accommodate 278 passengers compared to 294 today (18 + 40 + 236), or 14 fewer seats.

The forward cabin is luxuriously appointed with leather recliners, thoughtful design details, and custom lighting that incorporates the unique Hawaiian wave pattern.

Hawaiian Airlines unveils the new Business cabin of its Airbus A321neo

Premium seats will have 12.5 centimeters of additional legroom and, in both cabins, passengers benefit from a power outlet. In all classes, the seats are equipped with USB outlets for charging electronic devices, and swivel-head storage bins will maximize the space available for carry-on luggage.

Textiles and other materials throughout the cabin pay homage to traditional Hawaiian craftsmanship, from bark cloth to fishing nets.

Passengers will discover many details as they tour the cabin, from the Hawaiian language used in signage, to unexpected textures, to the laminate floors and ornate walls in each bathroom. The full LED lighting system has been programmed to evoke Hawaiian sunsets and unparalleled sunsets, enhancing the ambiance every step of the way.

The Airbus A321neo is also the first aircraft in its fleet to have WIFI connectivity: passengers can download an application to their personal device before boarding, and enjoy a wide selection of free films and television programs, and Hawaiian content available exclusively on its Hawaiian Skies channel. Tablet and smartphone mounts are integrated into the table in Business and in the first row of Premium, and in the back of the front seat everywhere else. Note that complimentary “island-inspired” meals and Hawaiian snacks are available to all passengers.

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