Airplane Sports Equipment: See Hawaiian Airlines Rules

Are you going away for the weekend or on vacation and you want to bring your sports equipment? We explain how to travel with your sports equipment without spending too much.

A bicycle, golf bag, or other sports equipment on board a Hawaiian Airlines flight

If you are traveling by plane with your bike or other sporting equipment or equipment, with the Hawaiian airline, count at least forty dollars one way. Do not hesitate to find out about your place of stay, it is very likely that renting sports equipment will cost you less than taking your own sports equipment on the plane.

To be accepted by the airline and not be damaged, your bike, surfboard or gold bag will have to be more or less disassembled, packed in a box or a transport bag. We recommend that you check with Hawaiian Airlines before departure.

Go skiing by plane

You are going to the mountains and you want to take your skis on the plane. Good news, Hawaiian Airlines considers it as simple checked baggage and therefore does not apply a supplement.

Do not hesitate to inquire with the airline before your departure to ensure that the conditions of transport have not changed.

Rules for carrying sports equipment on board a Hawaiian Airlines aircraft

Not everyone likes to spend their holidays lying on a deckchair. Interest in outdoor activities increases every year. People strive to combine leisure and sport as well as possible and to spend their holidays for the benefit of their health.

Winter and summer activities are now very diversified. You can go skiing, surfing, diving, golfing, fishing. Most of these sports require the use of certain equipment.

When traveling, the question naturally arises of transporting a wide variety of sports equipment on an airplane. It should be noted that transporting sports equipment by plane will be much easier than you think. Each company has its own tariffs, as well as rules for the transport of sports equipment.

When transporting any sports equipment, there are standard rules. Small sports equipment can be carried in hand luggage, except for piercing objects. You can carry a wide variety of equipment on an airplane, whether it’s hockey equipment, ski equipment, golf equipment, fishing equipment, surfing equipment, etc. . In most cases, transport will not require additional payment, but you must take into account the weight of the equipment and its size.

It should be noted that winter sports are especially in demand among Russians, and if you plan to go on vacation, you need to prepare for them in advance. Of course, you can always rent equipment on vacation, but if you have your own sports equipment and all the equipment is of good quality, there is no need to overpay the rent every time.

Many people are simply afraid to take sports equipment with them, but in vain. If you know the rules for transporting sports equipment, you will not have any problems, you will not have to overpay for transport.

Are you going to bring your snowboard or ski kit? You will transport them for free not only by Aeroflot. Exactly the same rules regarding such baggage apply to Hawaiian Airlines.

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