The Plumeria Lounge: Discover all about the privileged space of Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines has lounges all over the world to provide the best travel experiences for its customers. However, you don’t need to have super carrier status or purchase expensive annual subscriptions to access any of the lounges. For a fee, you can purchase a day pass, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed and calm airport experience and get ready to fly.

Hawaiian Airlines passengers traveling in both first and business class can now enjoy the airline’s new Plumeria Lounge which provides a pre-flight oasis of calm. The living room interiors have been designed to reflect the natural, unspoiled beauty of the Hawaiian landscape.

Spread over two floors, the lounge offers guests a wide range of food and beverage services including restaurants, luggage room, entertainment area, business center, kids room, gym nap, showers and a wellness area.

Those who fly to Honolulu on Hawaiian Airlines can pay $ 40 for a day pass to the Plumeria Lounge. Passes can be purchased through the Hawaiian Airlines website, mobile devices, airport kiosks, or lounge agents. The lounge offers breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and Wi-Fi.

International Business Class passengers have complimentary access to The Plumeria Lounge. Relax and immerse yourself in the fun memories of Hawaii that you have enjoyed with all five senses.

Interior: Chairs offering better relaxation to passengers

The plumeria flower used for lei is an indispensable expression of the Hawaiian hospitality that is greeted by the word Aloha. At Hawaiian Airlines, flight attendants decorate this plumeria flower behind their ears in the traditional way to show the spirit of hospitality. For this reason, plumeria flowers have become a natural choice for lounge interiors and names.

The artwork that decorates the lounge has a plumeria motif and has a sophisticated and attractive atmosphere. Many of the black-and-white photographs are by local photographer Ray Huo, and their abstract style makes you want to get closer and appreciate them. Like the lounge, the artwork is new and modern, yet rooted in Hawaiian tradition.

The concept with its iconic curved lines, its modern and warm style, is enriched here with a touch of local culture.

The lounge is open 24 hours a day, to welcome passengers at all stages of their journey. With over 300 m2 and over 145 seats, it “never feels overloaded” even at the busiest times. Customers can enjoy the view of the airport shops, with no limit other than the magnificent vault of the terminal. It is a “refuge from the hustle and bustle of the airport, the perfect place to relax and refresh before flights.”

The design of the place “ideal for relaxing, eating, working, taking a refreshing shower or simply recharging your batteries, …

After passing through this “impressive entrance”, travelers discover the lounge area with its subtle harmony of warm colors and elegant materials, its curved lines and its natural accents of wood and green walls. This unique decor gives the living room its special atmosphere. Travelers can freely choose from a wide variety of seating options in the different areas of the lounge. They can relax in comfortable armchairs while enjoying the view or will be protected by nest-shaped partitions for more privacy, or in high armchairs in more lively areas or chairs at catering tables, .. .

The dining area is built around a buffet island designed to showcase the selection of international dishes combined with authentic Hawaiian cuisine.

Plumeria Lounge Pass

For Hawaiian Airlines flights (Hawaiian Islands, North America, International), check-in at Hawaiian Airlines websites, mobile devices, airport automatic check-in machines, or from lounge personnel at the Plumeria Lounge. You can purchase a lounge pass:


Price per person

Basic card

40 USD

Pualani Gold

35 USD
Pualani Platinum

30 USD


The lounge is located on the 3rd floor of Honolulu International Airport Terminal 1, after passing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Inspection Office. Take the nearest escalator / elevator to the 3rd floor. The lounge is near the Wiki Wiki shuttle platform.

Lounge access hours

8:00 am ― 6:00 pm (every day)

Notice of reopening of Plumeria Lounge

Hawaiian Airlines agents ensure this space is thoroughly cleaned and take preventative measures to protect the safe and secure environment for its customers and employees.

Efforts for safety and hygiene

– Measures against social distance:

Admission is restricted to maintain a safe distance, and seats are 6 feet apart.

– Waiting for Vacant Seats

Hawaiian Airlines has prepared a vacant seat notification system.

– Wearing a mask

Please wear a mask except when eating or drinking

– Installation of disinfectant solution

A disinfectant solution one for the fingers is put in place

– Common area disinfection

Daily cleaning by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) certified cleaners. In addition, on the basis of the measures recommended by health organizations, airport facilities and cabins are thoroughly cleaned, and safety and health efforts are stepped up.

– Light meals and drinks

Currently, meals are individually wrapped. In addition, some services are restricted or suspended.

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