When traveling with animals on a Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Hawaiian Airlines accepts the carriage of dogs, cats and birds. However, conditions and restrictions apply depending on the type (companion animal or trained service animal, emotional support animal and psychological support animal).

When traveling with pets, please read and understand the applicable conditions and restrictions in advance.

Traveling with pets by plane

Hawaiian Airlines does not accept pets on international flights. Hawaiian Airlines accepts pets only on flights between the Hawaiian Islands and the state of Hawaii to the Americas.

For quarantine reasons, it is not allowed on flights arriving in the state of Hawaii (exceptions apply only to service animals).

Animals should be placed in an approved baby carrier that fits comfortably under the front seat.

When booking your flight, please mention that you will be bringing your pet to the cabin (prices apply and may not be available depending on seat availability. Hawaiian Airlines Reservation Service Please calls the counter for check).

Checked in as checked baggage

The total weight of the animal (including the weight of the box) must not exceed 32 kg (70 lbs). If the total weight exceeds 32 kg (70 lbs), it will be shipped as freight. Animals will be placed in the baggage hold of passenger flights.

When booking your flight, please also indicate that you will be checking your pet as checked baggage (charges apply and may not be available depending on seat availability. Contact the Hawaiian Airlines reservations office by calling 1800.367.5320, or fill out this form.

For more information on boarding with pets, contact Hawaiian customer service providing you with all the information you need to have a successful airplane trip with your pet.

When traveling with a service animal

Hawaiian Airlines welcomes the boarding of trained service animals. A trained service animal is an animal that has been trained to perform a function or mission of assisting a physically disabled client, unlike emotional and psychological support animals.

For more information on boarding with service animals, see the “Service Animals” help page.

For more information on boarding with emotional aids and psychological aids, see the help page “When traveling with emotional aids and psychological aids”.

When traveling with emotional support animals or service dogs?

Emotional support animals and psychological support animals are animals that work together to heal and comfort patients and help them with emotional and mental therapy. Emotional support animals are different from trained service animals because they are not trained to perform a mission or function of assisting people with mental illness.

For more information on boarding with emotional aids and psychological aids, see the help page “When traveling with emotional aids and psychological aids”.

You may have seen a traveler bring a puppy or cat into the cabin of a Hawaiian Airlines plane or bring a larger dog as checked baggage. However, if you meet certain conditions, do you know that there are several US airlines that allow you to bring your pet bird on your flight?

What kind of bird can fly with you on an airplane?

Each airline specifies which birds can be used as hand baggage or checked baggage.

Normally your bird should be a domestic bird, a pet, in other words, not a wild bird – it should be tasteless and silent. For example, Hawaiian Airlines stated that your bird should be tasteless and does not require any attention during the flight. Most airlines that accept pet birds do not allow chickens or other poultry, only birds such as parakeets.

If your pet (bird, cat or dog) is particularly loud, please call your airline to find out if your bird is suitable for cabin travel.

Can you bring your pet into the cabin?

Some airlines like Hawaiian Airlines allow pets in the cabin, and can be placed under the seat in front of you. Others only accept pet birds as checked baggage. You must pay a fee, typically US $ 75 to US $ 125, to carry your bird with you on domestic flights.

At Hawaiian Airlines, the cost of transporting a pet can range from $ 60 to $ 225. Isolation, date and destination, weight and temperature restrictions apply.

Your airline may have restricted dates for the travel of pets. Usually these dates include Thanksgiving weekend and the year-end travel season. Contact your carrier for more information.

If you have to travel at a certain time of year when the temperature can rise above or drop below these benchmarks, you should be prepared to change your travel plans at the last minute or to fly without your pet.

The biggest restriction you might encounter is cross border travel. Some countries do not accept animals shipped from certain countries. Island countries, states and provinces in particular are trying to prevent animal-borne illnesses and often impose a series of requirements on travelers who wish to transport pets on airplanes.

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