You earn miles every time you fly with Hawaiian Airlines

Earn mileage points for every mile flown. Miles don’t expire, so you can travel whenever you want without worrying about running out of miles.

Besides America, Asian countries and others, Hawaii Airlines has routes between the South Pacific Region and North America. For every mile earned on any Hawaiian Airlines flight, there’s an additional bonus reward.

Earn miles using partner companies

You don’t need to travel by plane; there are lots of ways to get cheap flights.

– Buy miles online

If you’re able to go ahead with the purchase of the mileage points so that you can get enough for an award flight, then you may be able to book one free. If you want to purchase unlimited mileage, you can buy up to 10,000 miles for $99 per year.

– Earn with partner merchants

To get bonus miles when flying Hawaiian Airlines, go to its Bonus Mall. Select the offer you’re interested in buying from, click through the link to its site, and follow the instructions there. If you want, you could always install another Chrome extension called Deals By Google which alerts you when there are deals available near where you’re standing right now.

You don’t need a Hawaiian Airlines branded credit card to enjoy these extra benefits. Elite Status: Miles Earned Through These Offers Will Not Count Toward Your Eligibility for It.

Buy additional miles and status

For example, Hawaiian Airlines charges $3 per mile when buying airline tickets online. If you just want a couple of miles for an expensive prize, then buying one could be worthwhile. You don’t need to purchase these standard miles to get elite status; however, you can buy them separately if you want.

If you’re buying an individual ticket for $1,000, then buying up to Elite Status would cost you $2,500 (if you were within 10 points). However, if you buy one ticket at $3,000, then buying Elite If the benefit you’d gain from having an upgraded perk exceeds its price tag, then buying that upgrade could be worth considering.

Earn and redeem airline rewards on your next Hotel reservation

If you’re not sure which airlines give out the most frequent flyer miles for their flights, then check out these top ten lists. You may not know that booking hotels online earns you airline miles too! Some airlines offer awards for travel booked directly from their websites. These include Hawaiian Airlines’ award program which allows passengers to earn points by booking hotels through its website.

More than one-third of loyalty program members (36%) say flexibility is their top priority when choosing a loyalty program. So, that’s exactly what Hawaiian Air has done by creating a new web page where they allow their MileagePlus members to use their Miles to book hotels at discounted rates. Members can use their points for stays at over 150,000 properties worldwide by booking through Hilton HHonors®.

Using your frequent flyer miles for flights to Hawaii

It’s not easy to use your frequent flyer points. Don’t give up! To book a flight to Hawaii using your American Airlines AAdvantage® Miles, follow these steps.

Save on flight fares to Hawaii

Sometimes you won’t be able to book an entire flight using miles; however, if you’re willing to pay cash, you might be able to get a cheap one-way ticket. However, if you’re willing to be flexible with your travel dates, flying during the middle of the week (or even later), and with some good fortune, you may be able to save yourself at least 50% off airfare for trips to Hawaii.

Consider a standard mileage reward

You can earn more mileage by booking flights for yourself and using them to travel anywhere at anytime.

Earn miles in other ways

You don’t necessarily need to pay for an airline ticket to earn mileage points. You don’t need to pay full price when using an airline credit card. Frequent bonuses mean that your mileage accumulates steadily and pleasantly.

The key, of course, as with any credit card, is to pay off the balance in full each month to avoid finance charges.

Earn miles by paying baggage fees

Prices vary depending on where you buy them from, but you can usually expect to spend between $25-$50 per bag. One additional thing costs between $100-$200.

If you’re going to bring both bags, then you might as well just buy one bag for everything. You’re looking at at least $350 just for one piece of checked baggage.

Mileage accumulation

– Flight accumulation

You may be able to earn extra points by using Hawaiian Air’s own and partner airline flights. For its own flights, Hawaiian Airlines accrues 100 percent of the actual flight distance. For partner airlines, earning miles depends on where you fly. Certain airline partners can only accrue HAs on specific flights. For further information regarding mileage accrual by partner airlines, please visit their respective websites.

– Co-branded credit card

Barclays Bank and Hawaiian Airlines jointly issue the Barclaycard Hawaii Airlines credit card. For every 1,000 points earned during March, you’ll receive 30,000 miles when you spend at least $1,000. You could pretend to buy airline tickets from Hawaiian Airlines’ official website but if you spend at least $1000 between now and March 31st, you’ll be able to earn 50,000 Hawaiian Airlines Miles when you redeem them. Then, buy one ticket for $10 from Hawaiian Airlines to get two points, and then another ticket for $5 to get one point. To learn more about co-branding cards, visit Barclaycard Hawaii Airlines Credit Card Introduction.

– Points to points

Hawaiian Airlines is the travel agent for both SPG and American Express Membership Rewards® (AMEX MR). You can use both cards for travel on Hawaiian Airlines flights. If you spend $20,000 at Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), then for every $10,000 spent.

– Marketplace

Hawaiian Airlines has introduced a credit card rebates program similar to the dining rewards programs offered by most major airlines. First register for an account on the official site, and then use the code provided by the company when making purchases from merchants who cooperate with them to earn points. Unlike the Dining Plan, Marketplace includes everything from clothes to groceries to lodging to transportation. It also includes grocery stores such as Whole Foods and fashion brands such as Gap. And the marketplace isn’t connected to the dining program at all. You can’t use both an airline’s dining program and its marketplace at the same time; however, you can sign up for one and then later add the other when you’re ready. So if you’re using an airline credit card for dining purposes, then you might be able to use both cards at one restaurant.

You get one free year of unlimited miles when you sign up. Any additional years you purchase add onto the first year at no extra cost.

Earn HawaiianMiles on Hawaiian Airlines Flights

– Neighbor Island Flights

These mileage numbers are for roundtrip flights. With each booking made through our site, we offer 500 bonus miles for Platinum, 400 bonus miles for Gold and 300 bonus miles for Premier Club Members.


Miles Earned in Coach

Miles Earned in First Class

Honolulu – Hilo



Honolulu – Kahului 101


Honolulu – Kona



Honolulu – Lihue 102


Kahului – Hilo



Kahului – Kona 84


Kahului – Lihue



Lihue – Kona 263



Members who join Pualani Platinum get double points for every mile they fly. And members who sign up for Pualani Gold get half point bonuses per mile flown.

Please note: Ohana by Hawaiian Airlines has been suspended from flying until further notice.

North America Flights

The below listed miles are earned per one way flight.


Miles Earned in Coach

Miles Earned in First Class

Honolulu – Austin 3,760


Honolulu – Boston



Honolulu – Las Vegas 2,762


Honolulu – Long Beach



Honolulu – Los Angeles 2,556


Honolulu – New York



Honolulu – Oakland 2,407


Honolulu – Ontario



Honolulu – Orlando 4,752


Honolulu – Phoenix



Honolulu – Portland 2,603


Honolulu – Sacramento



Honolulu – San Diego 2,612


Honolulu – San Francisco



Honolulu – San Jose 2,415


Honolulu – Seattle



Kahului – Las Vegas



Kahului – Long Beach



Kahului – Los Angeles



Kahului – Oakland



Kahului – Phoenix



Kahului – Portland 2,560


Kahului – Sacramento



Kahului – San Diego 2,538


Kahului – San Francisco



Kahului – San Jose 2,354


Kahului – Seattle



Kona – Los Angeles



Kona – Oakland 2,376


Lihue – Los Angeles



Lihue – Oakland 2,455


If connecting flights were included in one segment, then they’d count towards that segment. If you’re a member of either Pualani Platinum or Pualani Gold, you get double points for every mile flown.

International Flights

The below listed miles are earned per one way flight.

Travel Miles Earned in Coach

Miles Earned in Business Class

Honolulu – Auckland 4,383


Honolulu – Brisbane 4,677


Honolulu – Fukuoka 4,393


Honolulu – Osaka/Kansai

4,113 6,170
Honolulu – Pago Pago 2,599


Honolulu – Papeete

2,730 4,095
Honolulu – Sapporo/Chitose 3,748


Honolulu – Seoul/Incheon

4,574 6,861
Honolulu – Sydney 5,060


Honolulu – Tokyo/Haneda

3,850 5,775
Honolulu – Tokyo/Narita 3,819


Kona – Tokyo/Haneda 4,010



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