You fly with Hawaiian Airlines: Why buy travel insurance?

Usually, when you book a vacation or plan a trip, you don’t do it at the last second. This is why between the moment the bank card is withdrawn and the moment you leave, many unforeseen events can occur. And it’s the same during the trip. This is why purchasing travel insurance can avoid many financial inconveniences.

What travel insurance to take out? What does Hawaiian Airlines suggest?

It is not always easy to choose from all the insurers and all the offers on the market. First, you have to take stock of your needs in relation to your trip:

– Your destination will also influence your future policy. If you are traveling in the European Union, for example, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may be sufficient to cover most of your care.

– Travel insurance also varies depending on the reason for your trip. Some insurers, for example, have specialized in insurance for student exchanges.

– Likewise, the duration of your trip is an important factor. If your trip does not exceed 90 days, for example, the insurance and assistance guarantees included in your credit card may apply.

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Your activities there will also influence your need for coverage. If you plan to practice a sporting or potentially dangerous activity during your stay, you may need to take out additional cover

Finally, the budget you plan to allocate to your insurance (in addition to the cost of your trip) will be a final determining criterion.

With all these parameters in mind, it will be easier to take out tailor-made insurance, perfectly suited to your needs and your budget. There are generally three types of travel insurance:

Repatriation insurance only, which covers your return costs and that of your family in the event of accident or death.

Cancellation insurance that compensates you if your flight or stay is canceled.

And “multi-risk” travel insurance which offers you the most comprehensive coverage (medical, cancellation, legal assistance, etc.)

Take out travel insurance to leave with peace of mind

When you take out a travel insurance contract, it is a one-off contract that is renewable with each trip. This insurance therefore allows you to go on vacation with peace of mind and in complete safety.

Choose the travel insurance suitable for your stay

Before taking out travel insurance, it is important to define the nature of the latter: is it a week’s vacation, a stay organized in the professional context, or even a WHV (Working Holiday Program) ) for example ? Indeed, the nature of your trip, its destination as well as its duration will have an impact on the price calculation.

If it is a business trip, you may need vacation insurance with specific guarantees. However, if you just want to go sightseeing, classic travel insurance may be enough for you. For more specific cases such as a round-the-world trip or a humanitarian trip, specific travel insurance exists.

When to take travel insurance?

It is best to take out travel insurance after having fully determined your coverage needs and the budget you can allocate for them.

Once this is clear, you can take out your policy until the day of your departure. Your guarantees are triggered once payment has been received by the insurer. However, it is advisable to take care of it a few days in advance, so as not to be surprised by a payment problem or a computer bug for example. You can of course subscribe in advance but not be charged before your departure.

How much does travel insurance cost?

When you take out an insurance contract, you don’t want to take the risk of paying guarantees that you won’t need. Especially when we know that depending on the guarantees subscribed, the price of travel insurance can vary enormously. As a general rule, it is therefore necessary to count approximately between 15 and 150 $ for an individual multi-risk travel insurance, or between 45 and 600 $ for a family formula. For cancellation insurance alone, it generally represents 3 to 6% of the price of the trip. And for repatriation insurance alone, this time around, it is necessary to count approximately between 10 and 100 $ for an individual formula, and between 20 and 150 € for a family formula.

What is travel insurance?

– What is the role of travel insurance?

Whether you are going on vacation, on a business trip, on a university exchange or even on a world tour, for example, it is important to take out travel insurance, also called vacation insurance. Indeed, even if the latter is not mandatory, it can still be very useful when traveling abroad, and save your bank account from unforeseen expenses. Why ? Notably because it always includes at least a “civil liability” guarantee, which covers you in the event of damage caused to a third party outside French territory.

To date, there are only four destinations that require travel insurance in order to obtain a visa to enter the country. These are China, Russia, Algeria and Cuba.

What are the different guarantees of travel insurance?

Although the guarantees may vary from one holiday insurance contract to another, in particular depending on the nature of the trip (business trip, study trip, short or long term, etc.), the majority of them offer the same guarantees. They therefore take care of:

– Assistance in the event of illness, injury or accident abroad;

– A return earlier than expected following a serious accident of a loved one

– Medical costs as well as reimbursement of hospital costs abroad, whether related to illness, accident or pregnancy;

– Seath or possible disability following an accident abroad;

– The rental of a vehicle;

– Cancellation of a ticket;

– The theft, loss or destruction of baggage, personal property and identity documents;

– Reimbursement of attorney’s fees and the advance of penal surety abroad.

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