Comfortable footed seats for all types of Hawaiian Airlines flights

             –  Stretch your legs and relax in the preferred seat:

These seats are available in select bulkhead rows and exit row seats in the master cabin on all routes between the Hawaiian Islands.

Preferred seat passengers can board the aircraft as soon as possible with priority boarding, so the storage shelves on the seats can also be used as a priority.

Hawaiian Airlines is Hawaii’s primary airline. Owned by Hawaiian Holdings, Inc, it operates flights to 33 destinations in the Pacific region and the Hawaiian archipelago from Honolulu International Airport and Kahului with a fleet of 62 Airbus and Boeing.

Passengers enjoy additional comfort

Hawaiian Airlines customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 36 inches (91.44 cm) wider than usual, 36 inches (approximately 91.44 cm) of foot space
  • Priority security check *
  • Priority boarding service
  • Personal electrical outlet that can charge laptops and other electronic devices **
  • Free entertainment package “Unlimited TV and more” available only on Airbus A330 aircraft ***
  • Pillows / blankets
  • Comfort kit (international main meal only, except Papeete)

* Airports with priority security checks: Honolulu (Terminal 1: Hours of Operation, Terminal 2 security check 4: 8: 15-14: 30), New York, Boston, Oakland, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego , San Francisco, Seattle, long beach

** Excludes devices such as medical devices and personal humidifiers.

*** There is no free headphone rental on North American Extra Comfort flights. Click here for more information on the A321 Entertainment.

Services on board

On the Boeing 767, rental of tablets is chargeable in Economy class and free in First class and Business class. On board the Airbus A330, movies on demand, unlimited TV packs and Keiki children’s packs can be hired. In Business class, passengers benefit from fully flat 193 cm seat beds. On international flights, Hawaiian Airlines offers meals made with local produce. Developed by a renowned chef, they vary according to the destination and the type of class. Snacks are also available for purchase.

The Hawaiian Airlines company launched a plan to attract more customers and presented the new models of seats of its Airbus A330 fleet, in the Premium section, which tilt 180 degrees and become beds with a length of 1.93 meters.

The A330s currently owned by Hawaiian Airlines will have 18 seats with these characteristics, according to information from the airline.

Hawaiian Airlines knows that Premium customers are looking for a lifetime experience so that they can rest, and at the same time, exclusive treatment when they travel to Hawaii on vacation.

On the other hand, Hawaiian Airlines announced that in the cabins intended for the economy class, it would install 28 new seats.

Preferred seat reservation: Fees applied by Hawaiian Airlines


United States (USD)

Australia (AUD) New Zealand (NZD) Japan (JPY) Korea (KRW) China (CNY) Tahiti (XPF)
Neighbor Island Flights $10 $15 $15 1,000 11,000 70



Flights operated by A330

  • 11 rows AB-CDEG-HJ
  • 12-row CDEG
  • Rows 14 to 17 AB-CDEG-HJ
  • 18-21 row AB / HJ
  • 33 rows CDEG
  • 34 rows AB / HJ
  • * 14 rows of AB CD seats can only be purchased through online check-in

Flights operated by the A321

  • 11 rows ABC GHJ
  • 12 rows ABC GHJ
  • 14 rows ABC GHJ
  • 16 rows ABC –HJ
  • 17 rows ABC –HJ
  • Row 33 -BC GH-
  • 34 rows ABC GHJ
  • 35 rows ABC GHJ
  • Booking method

Reservation purchase at the time of ticket reservation:

– Book online on the site

– Book by phone at the Hawaiian Airlines call center

– Hawaiian Airlines mobile application

Book online after purchasing a ticket:

– From the “Confirmation / modification of reservation” page

– Book by phone at the Hawaiian Airlines call center

– Hawaiian Airlines mobile application

Pre-order at check-in:

– Web check-in

– Automatic check-in machine (airport)

– Ticket counter (airport)

– Service counter at the boarding gate (airport)

– Hawaiian Airlines mobile application

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