Hawaiian Airlines prohibits the carriage of certain baggage on board its flights

The Hawaiian Airline informs you of what you can and cannot take on board. If a restricted item is found by an inspection conducted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), it may be confiscated with or without your consent. Please note that confiscated items cannot be returned.

Here is a list of restricted products

Recalled Batteries and Products Recalled battery-powered electronic devices can only be introduced or registered if the device or battery is replaced, repaired, or safety measures are taken. Taken by the manufacturer or distributor. Details can be found on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website. A list of the recalled products can be found on the US Consumer Safety Commission website.

Seating items Products of the type that are attached to the seat or installed between the seats, such as footrests, cannot be used on board. You can bring it, but you can’t use it. (Example: Wick, BedBox, Flight Tot, 1st Class Child Travel Pillow, Plain Pal, etc.)

Powders (for international flights, spices, coffee, powdered milk, etc.) on international flights to the United States, cabin powders are limited to 350 ml. Powders which exceed the limit may only be carried on board if this is permitted by additional safety inspections. Please check powders over 350ml as checked baggage. (US domestic and Pagopago-Honolulu flights are not subject to this restriction)

Smart bag A smart bag with an integrated lithium-ion battery that cannot be removed cannot be carried on board or checked in. Please remove the battery when depositing. Click here for more details.

Camping Equipment Camping stoves, fuel and fuel containers cannot be brought in or checked in, whether unused or in use.

Electronic cigarettes, nebulizers, steam inhalers Electronic smoking equipment may only be carried on board.

Lithium batteries or lithium-ion batteries for battery replacement can be carried on board if the terminals are protected to prevent short circuits. Please bring lithium batteries and electronic devices with built-in lithium-ion batteries as much as possible.

Laptops, tablets, cell phones and mobile electronics can be carried on board. Please follow the instructions of the flight attendants on board.

Battery powered self-balancing electric hoverboards, gyropods and unicycle are not allowed on board or checked in.

You can carry up to a match, a lighter safety match, and a common butane lighter on board. Other matches and lighters are not allowed on board or at check-in.

Only energy saving bulbs can be used for bulb replacement, and they can be dropped off if packed well to prevent damage.

Other dangerous goods (prohibited in the cabin)

Please check all items that may be used as weapons, including general items, as checked baggage. These include sharps, baseball bats, canoe paddles, walking sticks, hockey sticks, power tools and hand tools (over 18cm when assembled):

– Firearms and ammunition

– Self-defense sprays such as sledgehammer (tear gas) and pepper spray cannot be checked in as checked baggage or hand baggage.

– Tasers and electrocution equipment cannot be checked in as checked baggage or hand baggage.

Items strictly prohibited on Hawaiian Airlines aircraft

Camping stoves,



Electronic unicycles,


Fuel containers,

Samsung Galaxy Note 7,


Compressed gas bombs,

Internal combustion equipment,


Flammable engine or car parts,

Live fish,

Live lobsters,



Rodents (guinea pigs, mice, rats, etc.),




Painting (excluding a small amount of tubes),

Salt water,

Fermented fish with soy sauce,

Deluminator (excluding a small amount),

Tires (excluding bicycles),


Self-heating pad,

Hand warmers,

MRE (American military combat food),

Mass (tear gas),

Chili spray,

Taser gun,

Stun gun,

Electric shock equipment,

Fire dance equipment,

Case or clip with alarm,

Golf club without swing.

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