Prepare your handbag and checked baggage before taking your Hawaiian Airlines flight

The holidays are approaching, and it’s time to pack your bags. Find our golden rules for packing your bags in the hold and traveling with peace of mind.

That’s it, the time is coming. You have been preparing for this vacation for months, you have meticulously detailed in your diary the different stages of your journey and the unmissable ones on the way. Your plane tickets have obviously been reserved for a long time, the same thing for your accommodation… In short, everything is ready for departure.

Yes, but there you go, then approach what will perhaps be the most difficult moment of your trip: packing your handbag.

How to be sure not to forget anything? What are the pitfalls to avoid ? In this article, I share with you some tips for preparing your checked suitcase.

Check your deductibles before packing your bags

This is obviously the first thing to do before you start packing your bags! Most of the time, it is not the dimensions of your hold suitcase but its weight that can be binding. The number and weight of bags to which you are entitled (known as the “baggage allowance”) are usually clearly indicated on your tickets. Otherwise, you can also consult the website of your airline Hawaiian Airlines.

When your trip, on the same ticket, includes several flights on different companies, which may each have their own baggage allowance, it is often the so-called “MSC” rule (for Most Significant Carrier) that applies. In other words, on each of your flights, the allowance for the longest flight applies.

It is particularly important to check your baggage allowances if you plan to take domestic flights once there, on other tickets (this may be the case if you plan to visit large countries such as the United States or Australia). ). Baggage allowances are indeed often less generous on domestic flights, especially on low-cost airlines, and the MSC rule will not apply since you will be traveling on different tickets. It is then necessary to prepare your hold suitcases accordingly.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your airline or the travel agency that issued your tickets.

The luggage scale, the useful tool for packing your suitcase

Corollary to tip 1, try to always have a luggage scale with you. It’s not expensive, it really doesn’t take up any space in your checked baggage, it’s very light… and you can pack your bags with peace of mind without fear of exceeding the maximum authorized weight by a few hundred grams.

Failing this, you can also do the exercise, at home, to fill your checked-in suitcase to the maximum and check its weight on a conventional scale. So, when I’m packing my suitcase, I know that when it’s full, it rarely exceeds 35 pounds. A satisfactory margin compared to the 50 pounds generally offered by the companies.

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