Can you change your Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket free of charge?

Each plane ticket has different modification conditions. The rules for change are determined by Hawaiian Airlines. In addition, changeable tickets are not subject to any changes, only specific type changes. For example, a ticket that can be changed on a date may not necessarily be changed at a destination.

For bookings on this airline’s website, the rules for changing airline tickets appear in the “Terms and Conditions” link before booking, and in an email that will automatically be sent to the passenger after booking.

For call center customers, the change rules are explained by a sales representative at the time of ordering, and in the order summary that will be sent to the customer by email after ordering.

Any modification to a reservation can be made online

How to change ticket flight?

– A charter flight reservation?

Airline tickets for charter flights and flights as part of package products such as vacations, tours, ski passes, etc. cannot be changed of any kind, even at an additional cost.

– A regular flights reservation

Regular plane tickets are more flexible than charter flights. In most of them you can change the payment dates before and after your departure, and in some you can change the destination as well. The price of the change is in accordance with the ticket rules and the availability of different price levels on the desired flight and the availability of seats on the flights.

At the same time, there are regular plane tickets which cannot be changed at all, or which can only be changed before leaving the country, and which cannot be changed at all afterwards. Most one-way plane tickets are not changeable.

Any change to a regular airline ticket involves the payment of change fees from the airline, price differences and processing fees from Ista, in accordance with the booking rules.

Please note that in general, the cheaper the plane ticket, the stricter the change and cancellation policy.

The following types of changes cannot be made on a Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket:

– Change of name of the airline for another passenger

Starting point of the first flight on the ticket (for example, it is not possible to change a plane ticket that begins in Boston to a ticket that begins in another city).

It is not possible to change a plane ticket by lowering the price: even if on the desired date there are plane tickets apparently cheaper than your original ticket, according to the rules of the aviation industry, a new plane ticket after a change must be equivalent or more expensive than the original ticket.

It is not possible to change a Hawaiian Airlines flight after its departure time. If you want to change your flight date, you must do so at least 24 hours before the flight departure time.

To make changes to the flight, site and call center customers only need to apply through the online change request form.

The price of a flight change on regular airline tickets that can be changed is not a fixed amount in advance. It varies depending on the card rules, the type of change and the availability of different price levels on the desired date. The prize consists of four main elements:

– Change fee

Payment for the change operation collected by the airline, the amount of the change fee is determined by the card rules.

Price difference – If on the desired date there are no seats at the same price level on which the original ticket was built but only higher price levels, the passenger will have to supplement the price differences as part of the change. The magnitude of the price difference will vary depending on the demand for the desired flight and the airline’s pricing policy. It is not possible to change the price reduction, even if cheaper price levels are available than those of the original card.

– Tax Difference

When changing destination, the passenger may have to supplement tax differences due to tax differences at different airports.

Processing Fee: A change made through ISTA representatives will incur a processing fee in accordance with ordering laws. The processing fee is $ 50, unless otherwise specified.

In rare cases, there may be additional charges. For example, if there is a change of plane ticket after the passenger does not show up for the flight, the airline may impose a fine for this in addition to the change fee according to the ticket rules.

Here is an example of the date change price on a plane ticket provided by the Hawaiian airline:

– Award ticket

For changes to the reservation of award tickets, passengers are required to pay a fee of $ 30 when traveling on a domestic route, and $ 150 when taking an international flight.

A charge of $ 50 applies for any change to a date on any flight operated by Hawaiian Airlines.

– Paying ticket

Airline ticket changes (including date change) on flights between Hawaii and the United States incur a fee of $ 200. Passengers must pay up to $ 300 when traveling on an international link serving other destinations.

And for domestic flights, passengers must pay a fee of $ 30 each time they make a date change or modification of other reservation data.

If the ticket is refundable, the passenger is required to pay $ 25 to be reimbursed for their entire plane ticket.

Did you lose your flight arriving late at the airport?

The no-show policy is not in accordance with the policy of the airline to which the ticket belongs. In a small number of cases, it will be possible to change your ticket for another flight or to cancel it, but the costs of change or cancellation will be higher than usual. However, in most cases it will not be possible to change your card or get a refund if the card is canceled.

If you have arrived at the airport but missed your flight, you should go to the Hawaiian Airlines counter as soon as possible and seek assistance from airline representatives.

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