Hawaiian Miles: Loyalty Program Features and Benefits

The principle of Hawaiian Airlines’ loyalty programs, called Hawaiian Miles, is simple: reward frequent travelers; the more you travel, the further you travel, the more Miles you will earn in your customer account.

The Hawaiian Aiirlines loyalty program is attractive by increasing status and receiving special privileges, as well as the fact that miles can be earned by flying with different airlines or simply by shopping at partner stores and services.

The methods for calculating Miles differ from one company to another. Several criteria are taken into account in this calculation: the distance in nautical miles traveled during the flight, the distance between the airport of departure and the airport of arrival, the loyalty status of the traveler and the class of travel associated with the booking of airline tickets.

The more you fly with Hawaiian Airlines, the more Miles you accumulate and the more you rise in rank within the program in order to benefit from ever more numerous and privileged advantages.

There are two frequent flyer statuses within the program:

– Pualani Gold, Pualani. It is possible to move up in rank by accumulating Status Miles. Each rank has its own benefits and privileges.

– The program offers many benefits, especially for those who travel extensively with the Hawaiian airline.

– The program offers many ways to earn points that a passenger can use to earn award flights, upgrades, hotel reservations, car rentals and more,…

You can earn miles with this program by purchasing tickets for flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines and its partners. Passengers can very well take advantage of the loyalty program by traveling with one of the partner airlines.

Types of miles in the loyalty program

You can earn two different types of miles through the Hawaiian Miles frequent flyer program.

The first type is called status miles. These miles determine the passenger’s status in the program and are counted in the calendar year in which they were earned. You can only get them for flights.

– The first type is called status miles: These miles determine the passenger’s status in the program and are taken into account in the calendar year in which they were accumulated. You can only get them for flights.

– The second type is that of reward miles: They are credited to the program member’s card for the purchase of a ticket, hotel reservation or purchase in partner stores. Miles are valid for 24 months.

Hawaiian Miles Levels and Benefits

The US airline’s rewards program offers three levels of elite status that offer mileage earnings and increased benefits such as access to dedicated premium lounges, enhanced flight privileges and faster screening times.

The Hawaiian Miles program has three elite statuses:

– Pualani Gold

You can earn status for 20,000 status miles earned or 30 flights per year. The status is valid for 2 years.

– Pualani Platinum

This status is granted to a passenger who has accumulated 40,000 Status Miles during a year or takes 60 flights.

Get the Premier Club Card

For 40,000 miles or $299 only, you can obtain this card which allows you free access to lounges at Honolulu, Hilo, Kona, Kahului and Lihue airports.

How do you earn Hawaiian Miles?

Miles can be earned in the following ways:

– Check-in to the loyalty program

Check-in is free and the easiest way to earn miles.

– Shopping with Hawaiian Airlines partners

You can earn 2 miles for every dollar spent on partner airlines or other establishments including hotels and car rental agencies, …

Passengers can also earn miles by making purchases with special credit cards: AMEX, Barclays, Visa Card and Mastercard.

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