Main Cabin Basic: Hawaiian Airlines offers a cheaper seat option

Hawaiian Airlines introduces its new Basic Economy, a plane ticket with no extra charge and which offers its customers the option of paying only for minimum travel services.

Hawaiian Airlines notes that the benefits of this product include the same flight experience as in the main cabin seats, with the same seats and the same entertainment system, free drinks and snacks.

However, the restrictions on these prices are significant: you will not be able to bring hand baggage in the hold; seat allocation will only be given when the passenger enters; there is no possibility of acquiring improvements; tickets are not refundable or exchangeable, and passengers with this ticket will be the last to board the aircraft.

The class will be called Main Cabin Basic and, like basic economy class tickets from other airlines, it will be a simplified version of regular economy class. The Hawaiian version includes assigned seats after check-in, no ticket changes or waits, and no eligibility for bonus miles (although travelers can earn regular Hawaii miles). Main Cabin Basic customers will also board last.

Book your flight at the best price

Hawaiian Airlines, an air transport company that has taken off for several years and from that moment on it began to design and offer advantageous fares, suitable for different categories of air passengers.

No less than five million passengers each year choose the offers established and marketed by the Hawaiian company to fly to more than one hundred covered destinations from its Honolulu hub.

How to find an appropriate price?

Depending on their destination first, then the budget allocated to their vacation, … the passenger can opt for one of four different formulas by traveling in economy class:

Main Eco Basic: This is the lowest fare posted by Hawaiian Airlines, so it’s the recommended offer for short haul travel. By selecting it, you can carry two pieces of baggage, including one piece in the cabin which must weigh less than 12kg. The allowance offered to Eco Basic ticket holders does not include the transport of any heavy luggage.

A standard dinner is also included. The Hawaiian company recalls, however, that it does not allow any modification or refund. Hawaiian says travelers will be able to carry standard hand luggage.

For seating options, Hawaiian Airlines currently offers the following options: Premier Club, Premium, and Main Cabin. And a fourth level has been added: the addition of Main Cabin Basic. This is a basic version: there are no tickets or standby changes; seats are assigned after check-in, and although HawaiianMiles may win, travelers who choose this option will not be eligible for bonus miles. The last shipment is also part of the basic option.

Hawaiian Airlines is developing the class called Main Cabin Basic to provide passengers with a more economical seating option. Hawaiian Airlines studied Hawaiian travelers to capture more market in the face of stronger competition in the Hawaiian Islands.

It gives you more options, if you are someone trying to get to the mainland, as cheap as you can get, you have a cheaper option as before, and it really fills the plane a bit more and generates more income so it’s a good decision for the Hawaiian.

Basic Economy (Main Cab) fares now offer the ability to customize your travel experience by including upgrades, additional seats in the main and preferred cabin, priority boarding and same day flight changes. The same Hawaiian Miles benefits during your travel Elite members will be able to apply their current travel benefits to all tickets, even when purchasing Basic Economy fares.

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