In-flight entertainment: Enjoy a comfortable flight experience by traveling on Hawaiian Airlines planes

Hawaiian Airlines offers its passengers several services and products to entertain themselves in the sky, just to allow them to have a trip without fear or boredom.

Hawaiian Airlines is testing its planes with its new in-flight entertainment portal, accessible free of charge from its passengers’ mobile devices.

Suitable for short flights and viewable on travelers smartphones, tablets or laptops via wifi, the program offered by Hawaiian Airlines includes a diversified offer: television shows, movies, entertainment for children, games and books audio, as well as flight information and destination guides, or information sites. The content covers multiple languages including English, German, Spanish and Italian, …

Hawaiian Airlines attaches great importance to the Asian and international market by using medium and large aircraft for its flights in the Asian region and the rest of the world, with a total of 294 seats on board.

Passengers can enjoy the exclusive flight experience of Hawaiian Airlines. Its planes adopt the most advanced entertainment equipment. There is a high resolution LED touch screen behind each chair. Passengers can freely choose their favorite movies, TV shows, music and other channels and flight stakes. At the same time, there is a USB port on the plane for passengers to use personal entertainment equipment, and business class passengers can also use i pods on the plane.

Traditional in-flight entertainment systems are now in competition with solutions intended for portable tools for travelers. which paves the way for more … inflight entertainment. Travelers have access to a wide range of content from films, TV series, games, newspapers and travel guides.

Like in your sofa

This desire to provide all passengers with the means to be entertained is also noticeable across the Atlantic. Hawaiian Airlines has announced the introduction of a free offer on all of its domestic routes. But here too, the difference exists between short services and long connections.

Hawaiian Airlines offers iPad Mini to its passengers

Hawaiian Airlines has made available to its passengers some 1,500 iPad Mini tablets on board the 14 Boeing B767-300 aircraft in its fleet.

In addition to the individual screens, passengers will have even more entertainment content with these tablets during their flight. Apple iPad Mini tablets are loaded with episodes of recent TV shows, movies and games. They are offered free of charge to First and Business class travelers, while Economy class passengers can use an iPad mini for the duration of the flight for $ 15 by booking in advance or for $ 17 once in. board the plane.

Depending on availability, passengers can order hot / cold drinks on the plane to enjoy the pleasure during their flight.

A selection of games on demand

Various entertainment to enjoy every moment on board the plane The Hawaiian company offers a wide range of entertainment for everyone, including movies, in-flight magazines and games, … A selection of games is offered to passengers who can enjoy them from children to adults.

– Backgammon

Backgammon is an ancient game that combines luck and strategy. Dice rolls affect your actions, even if you seem to be doing everything on your own. This classic two player game will keep you hooked for hours.

– Solitary

If you’re lucky, you’ll have it all right away. Players stack each of the four combinations in ascending order. The success rate of the game depends on the combination of cards displayed first. You won’t get bored playing alone.

– Crossword

The crossword has many levels which are getting more and more difficult. You can enjoy it as if you were writing the answer on a real journal.

– 3D Golf Open in Flight: Sport Series

Enjoy the excitement of a full-fledged game of golf. Its mechanical precision and stunning 3D graphics allow you to experience all the excitement of real golf while sitting in a comfortable chair.

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