Traveling with a child on a Hawaiian Airlines flight (seat or lap)

Air travel can be a problem for adults traveling alone, so it’s no wonder parents get stressed out when you add a few kids to the mix. Here are some proven tips to make flying with kids as easy and stress-free as a walk in the park.

Wondering when to book a Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Finding flights can be a tedious task. Many travelers worry about the best time to book their flights, fearing that the price will drop after they are committed. But it’s important not to wait too long, as studies show airfares start to rise rapidly about six weeks before travel. The ideal booking period is usually between one and four weeks before your departure date for domestic travel, and considerably longer for international travel.

There are some advantages to booking directly with the airline rather than through third-party booking sites. If your flight price drops after you book your flight, you may be able to get a refund of the price difference.

Book an early flight

Airports without crowds are wonderful airports. Booking a take-off in the morning means a quieter airport and greatly reduces the risk of being caught in a crowded nightmare. As the day progresses, there can be a ripple effect when one delayed flight collides with the next, making afternoon and evening flights statistically more laden with delays. One exception to the rule: if you’re watching the barrel of a long transcontinental or intercontinental flight, consider jumping into a red eye so your kids can sleep on board.

Reserve your seat online

Up to 24 hours before your flight’s departure time, you can visit your airline’s Hawaiian Airlines website and register online, or download the airline’s app to check-in. Either way, it allows you to skip the long check-in line at the airport and choose your seats on the plane. You can send your boarding passes to your smartphone (which can be scanned at security and at the boarding gate), printed at home, or printed at a check-in kiosk at the airport.

However, it is best to contact Hawaiian Airlines customer service by phone to make and confirm the airline ticket reservation for your child.

Travel light to avoid additional charges

On most major airlines, each traveler with their own seat is entitled to a free tote bag plus a personal bag (such as a purse, briefcase, or small backpack). In theory, this means that a family of four would be allowed to bring four handbags and four personal bags.

Exceptions: Please note that several airlines, including Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit, now charge passengers for each piece of carry-on baggage. Always do the math to determine if it is cheaper to travel with another airline with a higher plane ticket but no baggage fees.

– Strollers

Please note that all major airlines allow you to check out folding strollers (under 20 pounds) and FAA certified child safety seats at no additional charge. Need to know: Air containers on planes are getting smaller and smaller. It is increasingly common for airlines to require passengers to search carry-on baggage, even if they are within size restrictions. To be sure, pack whatever you might need for the duration of your flight in your personal bag. What to pack in your hand luggage when traveling with children

– Compare costs

Schlepping and shipping Going on vacation with a baby or toddler? Since most major airlines charge you for each piece of checked baggage (the southwest is the only exception), it may be cheaper to send you boxes of diapers, wipes and baby toiletries to your destination. , or just buy them when you get there. Always compare costs. Most car rental companies can provide a car seat (usually around $ 10 per day – always call ahead to confirm) and family-friendly hotels can provide a crib for free or for a small fee. You may also want to consider renting baby essentials, such as a stroller, cradle, or high chair, from a specialist supplier at your destination.

– Packaging of toiletries?

At the checkpoint, remove liquids, gels and aerosols from your luggage and send them through the detector in a separate bin. Remember the rule:

– Three ounces is the maximum size of any liquid, spray or gel.

– The bag with transparent closure of one piece must contain all liquids, aerosols and gels.

– One zipped bag per person Note that the Travel Security Administration allows you to carry more than three ounces of mixed breast milk, infant formula or baby food in your carry

-On baggage whenever you declare it for inspection at the security checkpoint. Breast milk and infant formula are classified as liquid medicines and you will not be asked to test them in front of a TSA agent. Prepare children for airport security Children under 12 no longer have to remove their shoes when passing through security. But young children have yet to return their backpacks and stuffed animals for examination, which can be of concern.

Explain ahead of time that TSA officers will take a photo of your belongings and return it to you a few moments later. Before arriving at the checkpoint, explain to your children that TSA officers must randomly select certain people for further assessment. One could ask Mom, Dad or even Junior to stand aside for an additional quick assessment. Prepare for this possibility and decide in advance to use it and continue with your day. Many airports now offer a family-only lane at the security checkpoint.

Use it if offered. These corridors often have additional staff to help families move faster in the process. Be organized so your family can go through security without incident. Use large gallon Ziploc bags to keep small children’s toys like Legos and Matchbox cars stuck, as well as personal items like car keys and must-have gadgets like smartphones, iPods, etc. This facilitates the collection of personal effects at the end of the selection process.

Traveling with a baby or toddler? Last tip

Most major airlines offer some form of pre-boarding for families with young children, but there is a catch. Limiting a baby to a small space until 45 minutes before takeoff wasn’t going to make their life easier anyway. Try this instead: Have a parent who encounters older children put their belongings in a hanging bin and install the baby’s CARES seat or harness. The other parent should play with the baby in the departure lounge until the last possible minute. Then go up and fasten your seat belt.
Make the kids buckle up

Hawaiian Airlines takes seat belts seriously and has been known to kick families off planes when children refuse to buckle up.

Are you stressed out about installing your child’s car seat in the airplane seat? Consider buying or renting the CARES harness, which is lightweight, easy to pack up and install in 15 seconds. This shoulder harness goes through the airline lap belt and keeps your child safe and unable to hit the seat in front of it. It is FAA approved for all phases of air travel, including takeoff and landing, for babies weighing 22 to 44 pounds.

Entertain children with happiness

Older kids can take their own books and entertainment with them, but if you’re traveling with young children, you’ll probably want to pack some essentials in your carry-on to keep kids satisfied and hopefully relatively quiet. Some suggestions:

– Books, technological gadgets (iPod, tablet, etc.), headphones

– For preschoolers and young school-aged children: printable travel games, preloaded apps on your phone or tablet, several surprise activities or toys; colored pencils and coloring book or notepad. Keep the kids occupied with must-have travel toys and games and classic car games, which are also perfect for long airport layovers and other downtime during the trip.
– For babies and toddlers: door-to-door diapers and baby supplies, plus three hours; several quiet activities; Change of clothes several healthy and portable snacks, as well as several empty zippered bags and wipes or hand sanitizer to make it easier to burst ears on ascents and descents: for children 3 years and older, pacifiers or gum; …

North American and international flight prices

Fares for children on North American and international flights (2 years and over). North America International flights (excluding Pago Pago / Papeete flights) Between North America and Pago Pago / Papeete.

Children over 2 years old Regular adult rate 75% of the regular price for accompanying persons (excluding taxes and fees).