What about the stroller when traveling on a Hawaiian Airlines plane?

– Can you take a stroller on the plane?

Yes, you can easily take a stroller on an airplane when traveling with a baby or small child.

Are there additional charges for taking the stroller or stroller seat on the plane? Most airlines allow the stroller for free. There is no additional charge to bring the stroller or stroller when traveling with an infant.

– Where will the baby’s stroller go on the plane?

The cart will go into the hold of the aircraft. Unless it’s a carry-on-sized baby stroller and you decide to take it on the plane with you.

You can choose to:

– Check in for free in the cart at the check-in counters (where baggage is checked in), and they will take it to the plane with the rest of the checked baggage.

– Meet at the boarding gate or even the plane gate with the cart. There they will pick it up and bring it back to the cellar.

– In all cases, it is strongly recommended to bring a transport object as an aid. This way you can take the baby and the luggage without too much trouble when you need to leave the car. Even just to sit down. It is also a good idea to protect the stroller on the plane.

What type of stroller or chair can be carried on the plane?

It can be carried both a complete stroller, either the stroller with carrycot or group 0, as a lightweight stroller. Size is not a problem.

What better way to travel by plane: stroller or light chair?

– Advantages of the lightweight chair

One option is to bring carts or a lightweight umbrella-type chair. For handling and space. But you have to see that despite their lightness, they are more or less resistant if you are going to travel in the hold. It all knows that sometimes aircraft baggage is hit and damaged.

This can be an option to buy an economical stroller (like this one for example) to use on air travel.

The downside would be that you can’t carry much more than the child in the car. And also, these inexpensive strollers do not recline.

– How to protect the baby stroller on the plane?

It is common for baggage that goes into the hold on flights not to be handled very well. So, being the cheap blankets, it may be worth it, especially if you have a good cart.

You can use a cover to protect the stroller and prevent it from being damaged. And above all, so that it does not get dirty. You can also find a large bag or make a blanket yourself.

Which strollers are used as hand luggage?

Another option is to take the stroller on the plane with you. Some trolleys have a very small fold, which comes within the dimensions of hand luggage. Thus, these cars could be placed on the plane as hand luggage, of course, sacrificing the space of a cabin suitcase.

You will need to check if the folding measurements match those of the airline you will be traveling with. In this case, it’s Hawaiian Airlines.

Where is the stroller retrieved when getting off the airplane?

Depending on the airport, it may be delivered to you at the aircraft door when you depart. You will have to watch the exit if they stayed there. In other cases, they send them directly to the baggage carrier.

Some airports, like Hamburg, for example, have special luggage racks where they take the strollers out.

The best thing to do is ask the flight attendants during the flight where you need to pick up the stroller.

Traveling by plane with a child: can you take a car seat on board the plane?

If you have booked a flight with a child, you may be considering taking their child’s car seat on board for the safety and comfort of your child. Traveling by plane with a car seat also means that you can use it after landing.

Please note that if you decide to take a car seat on board the aircraft, you may be charged an additional cost for a separate seat for a child. Consult with the representative of the airline you are traveling with and inquire about possible discounts.

Rules and advice for traveling by plane with a car seat

Airline approved car seats can be up to 44cm (17 ”) wide to fit a standard airplane seat. If in doubt, check with the airline you are traveling with.

– Book seats side by side

Keep in mind that some airlines only allow the use of car seats in window seats, so that in the event of an accident the escape route is not blocked.

Remember that car seats are not allowed in the rows where the emergency exit is located.

If you haven’t purchased a separate seat for the child, ask Hawaiian Airlines if they’ll allow you to use the empty seat. If airline rules allow, don’t book your flight on busy days to increase the chances that there will be a seat next door.

There are deckchairs for children on the plane. Do you still have to take a car seat on board?

Speak to a representative of the airline you are traveling with to make sure the recliner will be available for your child. If this is the case, you may not be able to take a car seat on board this aircraft, and if you wish to take it with you, you must check it in as baggage.

Cribs provide a flat sleeping surface for children, but they’re not as secure as a car seat. The bouncer does not have a harness, so the child is not strapped in.

In the event of turbulence, you should take your baby out of the chair and place him on your lap. It is not as safe as a car seat. And if the baby is sleeping, he will have to be woken up.

The bouncer must be folded up during take-off and landing and you must then take the baby out, disrupting any sleep.

Check-in in the car seat as baggage

Even if you don’t intend to use a car seat during the flight itself, it’s worth taking it with you on a trip. Hawaiian Airlines allows you to check your car seat in the hold for free beyond the baggage allowance. This applies to infant and child seats as well as toddler seats. To be sure of the rules, you must first contact their customer service.

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