Checked Baggage transport-Hawaiian Airlines: Measure your luggage before going to the airport

Checked baggage must have outer linear dimensions not exceeding 62 inches (length + width + height). For travel to Hawaii, $ 10 is charged for the first checked baggage and $17 for the second checked bag. Third party bags and all extras pay $25 each. For travel within the United States and between Hawaii and the continental United States, it charges $25 for the first checked baggage and $ 35 for a second checked bag. Prepaid baggage is reduced to $23 and $32, respectively.

For the third to the sixth bag checked, a fee of $ 125 per trip is charged for each bag. For the seventh checked baggage and additional baggage, the charge is $ 200 per trip. No discount applies for the prepayment of three or more bags. For travel between Hawaii or the continental United States and international destinations, the first two pieces of checked baggage are free. Additional baggage will cost between $ 80 and $ 205 each, per way, depending on the number of bags and the specific international destination.

Baggage fees are paid online or at the airport, at the check-in counter.

New Hawaiian Airlines Rules for Checked Baggage

Hawaiian Airlines checked baggage fees and related regulations are as follows: Please remind passengers to be careful when issuing tickets to avoid inconvenience to passengers. For details on baggage regulations and charges, please visit or contact the Hawaiian Air Service hotline 02.250.808.86.

– Each piece of baggage has a weight limit of 23 kg and (length + width + height) must not exceed 154 cm.

– Each excess baggage only accepts 23 to 32 kg.

– Luggage weighing more than 32 kg will not be transported.

– Each oversized baggage only accepts items 154cm ~ 200cm (length + width + height).

The following items may be exempt from checked baggage freight:

– Car seat, baby carrier or stroller when traveling with children (except jogging strollers)

– Wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, trekking poles and other personal assistive devices

– For travel between Hawaii and the continental United States, each passenger may carry a box of papayas or pineapples with packaging and weighing no more than 4.5 kg (which has been agriculture inspected).

The following passengers are exempt from checked cargo for the first and second baggage:

– First class passengers

– Passengers connecting directly to international flights

– Premium Club passengers only

– Pualani Club Gold Card passengers – Members only

Passengers-members of the Pualani Club Platinum Card only (3 pieces of luggage free).

Oversized baggage in the hold?

At Hawaiian Airlines, all baggage over 62 inches (157cm) is considered oversized, and an excess baggage allowance must be paid to carry it in the aircraft hold.

In terms of weight, all luggage must weigh 50 pounds (23kg) to be transported without the need to purchase an extra.

Duffel bags and sea bags (cylindrical in shape and closed at one end with a rope) and B-4 bags (suitcase-type travel bag with leather and metal ties with expandable compartments on both sides) are all considered oversized baggage. Hawaiian Air, baggage weighing 50 to 70 pounds as excess baggage and charges $ 50 per bag per way. Hawaiian Aire will not accept any baggage over 70 pounds.

In addition to Hawaiian Airlines baggage policies, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has additional restrictions on prohibited items and items that must be checked in. Flammable or explosive items are never permitted as carry-on baggage and are rarely permitted in checked baggage. Sharp objects such as tools are permitted as checked baggage, but must be securely wrapped or wrapped.

Hawaiian Airlines changes the price of checked baggage on North America flights

Hawaiian Airlines has increased the price of checked baggage on its routes between the Americas and Hawaii.

The 1st piece of checked baggage is now at $ 30 USD instead of $ 25 USD and the second piece of baggage at $ 40 USD instead of $ 35.

Hawaiian Airlines, on the other hand, maintains it’s pricing on its inter-island network: USD 25 for the 1st baggage and USD 35 for the second baggage in the hold. Members of the HawaiianMiles loyalty program still benefit from the special rate: $ 15 for the 1st bag and $ 25 for the second bag. On its international network, Hawaiian Airlines always offers 2 pieces of checked baggage.

Checked baggage fees per piece of baggage

On flights between the continental United States and Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines charges a fee of $ 23 for your first bag when using the airline’s online check-in system. If you check in the first piece of baggage at the airport, you are subject to a charge of $ 25. If you check in your second piece of baggage online, you will be charged $ 32. If you check baggage number two at the airport, Hawaiian Airlines charges $ 35. Either method charges a charge of $ 125 for bags of three to six, while a charge of $ 200 applies, to the seventh and to each additional bag. All Gold, Platinum and Premier passengers can check two pieces of baggage free of charge. Platinum and gold flyers start to pay off with bag number four,

For flights between the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Airlines charges $ 10 for your first checked bag, $ 17 for the second, and $ 25 for the third and each additional baggage. For Hawaiian Frequent Flyer Club Platinum and Gold members, the first three bags are free normal rates apply from bag number four. Premier members can check two bags free of charge before paying a fee. The Hawaiian website does not list a fare difference for online baggage check or at the airport for inter-island travel.

International flights trigger different rules, which vary depending on the destination. Hawaii allows two checked bags for free to all international travelers, but fees and limits vary depending on their destination. Check with Hawaiian Airlines for details regarding your itinerary.

Oversized and overweight baggage fees

Hawaiian Airlines charges an additional fee for checked baggage between 51 and 70 pounds. Bags weighing less than 51 pounds and exceeding 62 linear inches are subject to additional charges. Hawaii notes that overweight and oversized bags lead to both weight and height ratios. These rates also vary depending on the destination. Each weight or size bag incurs a charge of $ 25 for inter-island travel.

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