Hawaiian Airlines: Upgrade to a higher class (Extra Comfort, Premium, Premier Club)

Traveling in economy class, bent over backwards, knees in the chin is not necessarily inevitable. Some manage to be upgraded free of charge to First or Business class. Here are the tips to increase your chances.

Who has never dreamed of sitting at the front of the aircraft and enjoying the comfort of business class by paying for an economy class ticket? If the upgrade remains a chance, here are ten tips to force fate.

Every time your best friend Gérard comes back from a trip to the other side of the world, he proudly announces that he did not travel in economy class -as planned- but in Business or First class. He was, once again, upgraded upon check-in at the airport. How is it ?

If you’re going on a trip soon and dream of flying in Hawaiian Airlines Business or First Class, there are some things you can do to achieve that goal.

The loyalty card is a major asset in your quest. Even if the status is at a low level, members get more attention, from a glass of champagne to the opportunity for an upgrade. And the higher the passenger’s status in the program, the more miles he has accumulated, the more priority he will have, confirms most airlines.

An economically logical choice: it is better to offer an upgraded long haul to a regular customer, in the hope that during his next reservations, he will opt directly for a higher class. Know how to invest to hope for a return.

– Use your miles

This should be a requirement before even considering the possibility of traveling first. The reason is simple: Hawaiian Airlines values your loyalty and if they have seats available, the first people they choose are their regular customers. Logically, the better your status, the more likely you are to be promoted to Business or First class.

– Boost your chances of being upgraded to First Class by traveling alone

Easier one than two, right? But here, the trick is not only that, but its flexibility to agree to travel on an earlier or later flight than yours is also key. Since you only depend on yourself, it is good that you arrive at the airport a few hours earlier than usual and inform yourself with the airline with which you are traveling.

It’s no mystery that priority seats are going to be given to people who are traveling alone and haven’t even checked in their luggage.

– Choose the right route

Many don’t know this trick, but having as little competition as possible is the key to getting promoted. For this reason, it is best to avoid routes, routes and schedules where business people travel, such as dawn flights and Thursday and Friday afternoons. Midweek and during school holidays, when families travel together by coach, are ideal opportunities, says Leff.

– Don’t buy discount

Although it is difficult to resist the cheap offers that Hawaiian Airlines offers from time to time. But if you really want to be promoted to executive, the people responsible for doing so always look at the status of your ticket.

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