Join the Hawaiian Miles program: Online registration and identification

It would be so much easier for you if you were a member of With its frequent flyer program, Hawaiian Airlines lets you manage upcoming trips online, earn miles you’ll be able to use for future travel, talk to family members who live far away from you, and much more.

Combining Hawaiian Miles

To join, only register online at no cost. You will instantly be eligible to earn miles in the future in addition to retroactively.

You start off in the basic membership level. Instead that wait to make elite status, you can acquire travel gains fast by buying a Premier Club membership.

The best way to delve into your HawaiianMiles account

Signal In about the HawaiianMiles homepage. You will want to enter your telephone number, username, password, or email address with your password.

Seeing your account action

Any moment you make or redeem miles, then the more 18-month clock resets. Such as the regional Provider to Another U.S. non-contiguous Country, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines as well as its own frequent flyer plan have made themselves invaluable to travelers searching for much more than only a holiday to Hawaii.

HawaiianMiles has intimate relationships with all the Virgin Airlines, such as greater prices on Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America flights than you will get together with all the airlines themselves, along with also a fresh bond with American Airlines, after severing ties with long-time partner.

People who reside in Hawaii or traveling there frequently will discover enormous Worth with this system, since it provides excellent payoff prices and several perks especially for inter-island traveling that could be unduly expensive to reserve from pocket. Should you travel someplace often with Hawaiians spouses you might find that it matches your needs much better to charge your miles off from different programs straight to Hawaiian since the miles could be quite beneficial for travelers to and inside the aloha state.

How do you use Vintage Airline Miles?

Booking HawaiianMiles flights into fly Hawaiian Airlines is a. Simple online procedure.

– First/Business Flex

If you use HawaiianMiles to book airfare for travel from Honolulu to Los Angeles using the coach super saver fare class, then the distance traveled would be approximately 40,000 mph, which translates into roughly 35,000 miles. It doesn’t seem like there has been any significant improvements in the redemption rates offered by major US carriers. However, if you use mpg), you might save some money by comparing gas prices online.

One way flight awards

Coach supersaver Coach saver Coach flex Class saver

Class flex

Neighbor Island

Neighbor Island

75000 10000 15000 15000


Neighbor Island Upgrade



North America To/From Hawaii

North America-Hawaii

20000 30000 40000 40000 80000
North America-Hawaii Upgrade 25000


South Pacific (Pago Pago, Samoa or Papeete Tahiti)

South-Pacific Hawaii

27500 42500 55000 47500 95000
South-Pacific Hawaii Upgrade Business Class 30000


South-Pacific-North America

47500 72500 95000 87500 175000
South-Pacific-North America Upgrade Business Class 55000


Application Benefits

– Premium flights on partner airlines Charge 125-200 Percentage of miles flown

– One-way awards Accessible

– Low Fees and Taxes on Spouse flights

Bookings quirks

– Miles die after 18 months with no action on the accounts

– Partner award flights can’t be booked on line

– One-way awards unavailable through spouses

– Partner awards can’t be priced outside unless you’ve got the essential miles from your accounts

Greatest worth awards

For Hawaii miles, the best value is found by booking directly through the airline rather than using an aggregator site.

If you opt for Virgin America’s first class cabin with mileage, then you might end up paying quite a bit because they barrel their redemptions into its price tag. For their favorite New york city-to-los angeles flight, they usually spend over $175,000, but you can buy them for just under $90,000 during peak season.

Roundtrip Award Mileage
Distance between Origin and Destination Main Cabin Main Cabin Select First Class
Less than 750 miles 20000 30000 40000
Between 750 and 2000 miles 30000 45000 60000
More than 2000 miles 40000 60000 90000

Worst worth awards

When traveling via airline partner airlines, some mileage programs reward flights for different routes at various rates. For example, one program may pay $200 per flight mile if flying from New York City to Los Angeles but pays out $400 per flight mile if flying between Chicago and San Francisco.

If you use your miles for flights operated by Jet Blue, then you’re better off using them for travel than buying tickets from another airline. However, if you want to buy an award flight, then you’d probably be better off booking through another carrier. However, even though Hawaiian Airlines’ miles cost less than JetBlue Airways’, its per-mile value is lower by 0.5-0..7 cents compared to JetBlue Airways’. Because value-based awards usually provide an excellent value for miles at any point during the award period, they leave average priced JetBlue flights purchased outside the award window a terrible deal with AmericanAirlinesmiles.

The Great Materials: Updates and Elite Status

You can change flights booked for cash until 24 hours before they depart. Fare updates aren’t available anymore at the Hawaiian Airlines Award Graph, but they’re now priced out at $25,000 per flight after first class saver awards become available and $50,000 if you want them before then.

HawaiianMiles Elite degrees and perks

Each successive degree consists of the benefits from previous degrees unless specified otherwise. You get free checked baggage, free additional relaxation or preferred seating on most flights, expedite through airport security screening, Premier club lounge access for entertainment, added award options and discounts, $100 per year.

Member Benefits Pualani Platinum Pualani Gold Premier Club
Flight-Related Benefits
Check-In Baggage Allowance First 3 bags (Next additional bag charged at 4th bag fee) First 2 bags (Next additional bag charged at 3th bag fee) First 2 bags
Bonus Frequent Flyer Miles when traveling on a revenue ticket 100% 50%
Boarding Priority Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 2
Complementary Upgrades Yes
Discounted Upgrades with online check-in 24 hours prior to departure for North America flights on Hawaiian Airlines Yes Yes


Hawaiian Airlines has recently made changes to their co-branding agreements for credit cards and updated them accordingly. Previously, Bank of America offered the Hawaiian Airlines Visa Signature Card, which was similar to the Bank of Hawaii Visa Signature Card.

Initially, Barclaycard offered two different cards, a Visa Business Card and an Individual version. Now they’ve issued just one card, called “World Elite MasterCard,” which has a $89 annual fee for individuals and $299 annually for businesses.

With the World Elite Mastercard, which has no foreign transaction fees, you get an initial sign-up bonus of 35,000 miles (after spending just one thousand dollars) plus 2 miles for every dollar spent on Hawaiian Air purchases and 1 mile per cent everywhere else.

It provides excellent deals for flights:

– Flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles which usually run $20,000 round trip for $17,500.

– Get a one time 50 percent off travel coupon for a flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles

– Get 100% off a one-year roundtrip flight from Honolulu to San Francisco every year as an anniversary gift.

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