Benefits for Pualani Elite members with Hawaiian Miles Gold status

In order to unlock this status and benefit from its full advantages, you have the choice between the following two proposals:

– Travel on 15 qualifying flights in a calendar year or earn 10,000 miles during the same period.

– With the Hawaiian Miles rewards program, you can earn or spend miles every time you fly.

– You can now earn miles traveling with Hawaiian Airlines and its partners.

Once you’ve earned enough miles, you become eligible for Gold status each time you take Hawaiian airline flights. You benefit from the following advantages:

Member benefits when booking a flight or other Hawaiian Airlines product:

  • Seats can be selected from more seats at the time of booking
  • Special mileage setting for reservation only
  • Priority to reservations (US call center only)
  • Free reservations at the Fair Hold Hold rate (up to 1 reservation at a time).
  • Book a paid e-ticket for Economy Class to the Hawaiian Islands and secure a seat up to 72 hours before departure.
  • Premier Club / First Class priority check-in service (member + 2 companions).
  • Use of Premier Club-Honolulu lounge and other lounges
  • TSA priority security check (target airports only *)
  • Priority baggage delivery and rapid passage through security screening
  • Checked baggage (Limited to flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines, applicable to members only) Overweight and overweight charges apply as usual.
  • Earn 500 Hawaiian Miles on flights between the Hawaiian Islands
  • Earn bonus miles with paid tickets

Priority boarding

Platinum or Gold + members up to 2 companions can use priority boarding. Please inform staff that you will be with your companion when boarding.

Day of departure upgrade discount (24 hours prior to departure until check-in deadline).

Target routes

Upgrade type Details Elite member

Pualani Gold

Hawaiian Islands Line

Preferred seat Free upgrade depending on seat availability (information at check-in or at boarding gate) Yes
first class Free upgrade depending on seat availability (information at check-in or at boarding gate)

50% discount

North America / International

Extra comfort Free upgrade depending on seat availability, route, and equipment (guidance at boarding gate) Yes

First / Business Class

Platinum Upgrade Voucher. One Upgrade Voucher :
One free one-way upgrade to First / Business Class on flights between Hawaiian Airlines destination cities within 3,500 flight miles of Hawaii.

Two upgrade tickets: One free one-way upgrade to First / Business Class on flights between Hawaiian Airlines destination cities over 3,500 miles from Hawaii.

Free upgrade

Complimentary additional comfort / preferred seat upgrades on Hawaiian Airlines operated flights between the Hawaiian Islands, North America and select international flights, depending on seat availability and aircraft type.

North American and international flights

If you are a Pualani Gold member, please inform the staff at the Gate customer service counters (Contact this phone number 1.8007.131.220) that you will be eligible for a free upgrade (subject to availability). Extra Comfort / Preferred seats will be announced in order of Pualani members and Pualani Gold members.

Pualani Gold members receive a complimentary upgrade to Extra Comfort / Preferred seats on all flights to / from North America and international flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines (subject to availability). This benefit only applies to elite members. Please ensure that your HawaiianMiles number is listed on your reservation or added before completing the check-in process. You can register for a seat upgrade by checking in online, at the airport automatic check-in kiosk or on your mobile device at least 24 hours before departure. Seats will be announced on a first come, first served basis in order of Pualani Gold members.

Additional comfort seats are available on all Airbus A330 and 321. Priority services are available and equipment is provided. Enjoy your trip while relaxing in the wide-legged seats. Pualani Gold members receive a free upgrade to Extra Comfort seats on all flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines (may not be available depending on seat availability). Seat upgrades to Extra Comfort will be available at the front of the cabin for all aisle, window and center seats. Once confirmed, the seat cannot be changed.

If you have already assigned a seat on your Economy Class ticket, the system will automatically assign a similar Extra Comfort / Preferred seat to your existing seat, based on availability. For example, if you have already specified an aisle seat in economy class, the system will automatically search for an aisle seat for more comfort / preferred seats. If there are no vacant seats, the candidate for the next seat will be sought and in some cases window seats or central seats will be allocated. Seat selection will be made at the boarding gate once check-in has been accepted. When the upgrade is confirmed, gate staff will notify you and issue you a new boarding pass. At the same time, the first seat you specify will be invalidated in the system and will be assigned to another passenger.

The seat selection is made automatically by the system. Please note that depending on seat availability, additional / preferred comfort seats may be upgraded to center seats. Once the upgrade is confirmed, the request cannot be canceled or returned to economy class. Confirmed seats cannot be changed. Due to the automatic seat selection by the system, if you would like to have a specific type of seat or seat next to your companion, Hawaiian Airlines may not be able to accommodate your request.

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