Relax in the Premier Club lounges of Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is often the obvious choice for getting close to the beautiful islands. Travelers have good reasons for making this choice. Excellent services, a wonderful flight environment, and inexpensive flights make this a great option for travelers traveling to Hawaii. However, the airline has an extensive network of flights serving many other unknown destinations.

One of the many reasons the airline enjoys its popularity is the hospitality offered by the crew, which makes the passenger feel truly special. The airline has succeeded in creating a magnetic atmosphere through themed videos promoting the many Hawaiian Islands. For entertainment, passengers are offered special magazines that help them learn more about Heavenly Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airlines First Class cabins feature fully reclining seats and new design cues. The high-end cabins, developed in collaboration with the Italian design company Optimares, evoke a Hawaiian paradise.

The seats are based on a new platform that turns them into completely flat beds. They will offer the option to close, for private travel or to remain open to provide a shared in-flight experience.

Hawaiian Airlines has also worked with West Coast to incorporate Hawaiian colors and landscapes into cabin designs. The curves of the cabin evoke the wind and the ocean of the island.

The salon cleans regularly and all preventive measures are taken for the safety of customers and employees.

Efforts for safety and hygiene

– Measures against social distance

Admission is restricted to maintain a safe distance, and seats are 6 feet apart.

Common area disinfection: Daily cleaning by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) certified cleaners. In addition, on the basis of the measures recommended by health organizations, airport facilities and cabins are cleaned at depths, and efforts are reinforced in terms of safety and hygiene.

Please note that Premier Club members are only available to Hawaiian Airlines-operated Premier Club, and Premier Club is not available in cities within North America.

International Business Class passengers operated by Hawaiian Airlines can use the 3rd floor of Honolulu International Airport and The Plumeria Lounge at the above airports free of charge. Pualani Platinum and Pualani Gold passengers in Economy Class can use the Daypass purchase (US $ 20-40, there will be a difference due to local currency payments. Please ask at check-in for details.

Use your miles to fly for less in First Class

Today, almost anyone can fly first class for less. Fortunately, the respiratory tract made it possible. All the passenger has to do is sign up for the airline’s rewards program.

Registration rarely costs anything, but it brings a lot to the passenger in the form of valuable rewards. By accumulating a certain number of miles, the passenger has the right to get an upgrade or even win a free ticket. The Hawaiian Miles offers a great rewards program that takes you up to first class. However, it is very important that this process takes place more than 26 hours before your departure. For updates on award holders, contact Hawaiian Airline Reservations.

However, the discounts don’t stop there. If you have a card like the Hawaiian Airline Mastercard, you can benefit in many ways that regular passengers cannot.

Knowing about the rewards program and its benefits takes time and requires a lot of study, but once you do, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Other alternative forms of low cost travel in First Class Hawaiian Airlines

If for some personal reason you do not wish to be a member of the airline’s rewards program, you still have the option of upgrading as a regular passenger. While the odds are much smaller, there is nothing wrong with taking a chance. If you want to do this in advance, you can do so by contacting the reservations office or even going to the Hawaiian Airline website.

If you have less than 24 hours to travel and decide to travel first class with the airline, you can do so through the “Web Check-in” on the website.

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