How should you react when Hawaiian Airlines cancels your flight?

Find out about the possibilities of modification, cancellation and modification, claim on a Hawaiian Airlines (HA) plane ticket. Check the Hawaiian Airlines website for the latest information on the airline’s cancellation or change policies. It is the classic European legislation that applies for Hawaiian Airlines plane tickets, so it is necessary to consult the rights of passengers on institutional sites. Most airlines like Hawaiian Airlines have sharply reduced, sometimes to zero, their flight schedule for the next few weeks. Airlines like Hawaiian Airlines HA have thus implemented exceptional commercial measures for customers wishing to modify or be reimbursed for their plane ticket.

Cancellation of a Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket

Hawaiian Airlines passengers whose flight has been canceled receive a full refund of their Hawaiian Airlines ticket: the refund procedure is indicated in the email received from Hawaiian Airlines following the cancellation. Normally airlines like Hawaiian Airlines cannot impose a voucher refund if the flight has been canceled. In general, airlines like Hawaiian Airlines do this automatically to respond to complaints in this exceptional situation as quickly as possible. When the crisis is over and Hawaiian Airlines call centers and travel agencies are less overwhelmed, do not hesitate to claim reimbursement from Hawaiian Airlines. Unless the regulations change within a few weeks, given the exceptional situation, airlines currently want the European Union to be able to reimburse their passengers with assets.

Refund of a Hawaiian Airlines plane ticket

In practice, if you have received an email from Hawaiian Airlines, you must follow the refund procedure. If the latter only offers you a credit note, contact its claims department. If you did not receive an email after canceling your Hawaiian Airlines flight, contact Hawaiian Airlines customer service to request a refund under EC Regulation 261/2004. As a reminder, beyond the reimbursement of Hawaiian Airlines tickets, it is not possible to obtain the fixed compensation provided for in the event of delay or cancellation of a Hawaiian Airlines flight. Companies like Hawaiian Airlines can in fact exempt themselves from this obligation if the cancellation of the flight is due to an “extraordinary circumstance”.

Missed or canceled flight, missed connection due to Hawaiian Airlines

When going on vacation, we are always concerned about the organization of the trip: what if the plane does not leave? What if we got to the airport late? Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find yourself one day in this situation that everyone dreads: a missed flight or a missed connection … But there are many solutions to help you so that this incident does not completely ruin your trip. ! Compensation, insurance, today we explain what to do after a failed flight.

Failed correspondence: what to do?

You know it: it is better to arrive early at the airport so as not to miss your flight! However, failed flights are not always due to passengers. In fact, there are times when you have to miss your connection because of a delayed or canceled first flight.

Missed your connection and don’t know what to do? Here are the good reflexes to adopt:

– First of all, in the event of a failed connection, it is advisable to keep all documents related to your trip with you. Reservations, boarding passes, receipts for expenses incurred as a result of this incident: it is best to keep everything with you to prove your situation. Likewise, it is important to find out about the reasons for the delay reported by the company (technical problem, strike by air traffic controllers, etc.). It will be important for the rest of your steps.

– As a general rule, it is best to inquire at the company counter, directly at the airport. The staff are used to this type of situation and will be able to provide you with information.

However, two situations can arise:

– Your correspondence was part of a single reservation

For example, you have booked a Paris-Sydney flight with a stopover in Dubai. You have made one payment and received one booking confirmation. In this case, the airline will normally act to find you a replacement flight. In addition, she will take care of your accommodation free of charge while you wait if no solution is possible on your side.

This can work even if your companies are different for the two flights, as agreements between certain companies exist.

Your correspondence has been booked separately

Most of the time when traveling with a low-cost carrier, you will need to make two reservations. For example, you will buy a Nice-London flight then a London-Rovaniemi flight. You will therefore have two payments to make and will receive two confirmations. In this case, the companies do not take care of missed connections. It will be up to you to find a solution to ensure your transfer to your final destination.

In addition, the flight of your missed connection will not be reimbursed by the company (even if it is the same for both flights).

However, there are solutions to not incur too much expense in this situation.

Claiming a refund from Hawaiian Airlines for a canceled flight: defend your rights

If you did not board your plane, as you can imagine, you cannot ask the airline for a full refund of your ticket. However, whether it’s for a flight or a missed connection, you always have the option of getting part of your ticket refunded.

In fact, your plane ticket always consists of the price of the flight and taxes. They are often nicknamed “airport taxes” but they also include the civil aviation tax, the environmental security tax and a solidarity tax. These fees are collected by your company and then given to the airport, but also to the State and to a solidarity fund.

This type of tax is paid according to the number of passengers on board and not those who booked the flight. So if you don’t make your flight, you can legally claim a refund. This, in all cases where you were unable to catch your flight: flight delay, passenger delay, change of program, illness, missed connection, …

After your incident, you can therefore request a reimbursement online by contacting the company.

Failed correspondence: are you entitled to compensation?

Imagine: you showed up at the airport for a flight with a stopover, but your first flight was late or never left. So you missed your connection! There are then two scenarios:

Either your company was able to take charge of this incident and allowed you to continue your trip as planned, or you had to find a solution on your own to complete your flight.

In either case, this incident may incur other costs as well. For example, you may have missed a day of work, or your connection to a train or a bus. Likewise, you might have paid for a hotel you’ve never been to or booked a car rental that was canceled. All this causes costs related to this incident which are not covered by your company.

In relation to this, a European law allows passengers to request compensation for delay from the company responsible for the disrupted flight. Thus, if your flight has been canceled or if it was delayed for more than 3 hours, you can claim compensation of up to € 600. However, this varies depending on the length of the delay, the distance from the destination or the reasons for the delay reported by the company.

However, it can take a long time and you have to go about it the right way to claim that you are getting this money. That’s why companies like AirHelp can help you with a missed connection, canceled or delayed flight.

Missed theft: can your insurance cover it?

Unexpected traffic jam? Passengers may also be forced not to board their aircraft when it was properly scheduled and on time.

If this has happened to you several times before and you were responsible, you may be wondering whether it is not better to take out cancellation insurance when you make your reservation. However, it should be noted that in some cases your insurance will not be able to reimburse you.

Indeed, if you arrived late at the airport because you missed your alarm clock or there were traffic jams on your route, the cancellation insurance will not work.

On the other hand, if the reasons for your no-show are beyond your control (illness, hospitalization, or even loss of employment), you may be reimbursed, the list of valid reasons is set out on your insurance contract. Do not hesitate to inquire before purchasing it for your next flight.

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