Hawaiian Airlines gift card or voucher purchase

Hawaiian Airlines offers you an exclusive range of Gift Cards, always taking into account the different user profiles. Its customers can offer (also to themselves) flights to Europe, flight + hotel trips, cruises, …

Get the Hawaiian Airlines Gift Card and choose the quantity and product that best suits your needs. Decide whether you want to give it to yourself or, thanks to the new functions, you can send it to someone with a beautiful card that you can personalize with an image to your liking, record or download a video message and schedule the video, delivery date. Not only that, you can also write a message and print the card to deliver it to whoever you want.

Give a plane ticket with the Hawaiian Airlines gift card

When it comes to a gift for a traveler, the idea of giving a plane ticket often comes to mind. However, there are a few things you should make sure of before purchasing a gift card for air travel. There is a perfect solution, the Hawaiian Airlines Gift Card.

Thinking of buying a gift voucher for a plane ticket? The card provided by the Hawaiian company is really the preferred solution. It allows you to thwart all the traps of this type of gift.

The gift card (to be purchased here) offered by the airline of Hawaii offers a gift voucher of 50 to 2000 dollars.

It allows the recipient of the gift to choose: their destination, dates and airline (more than 450), so it is a way to offer a plane ticket without date and 100% flexible.

Before detailing how this gift card works for air travel, let’s focus on the points to take into account and the pitfalls to avoid, because yes, this type of gift can be a trap and a waste of money if you choose the wrong solution.

Offer an undated and 100% flexible plane ticket with the Hawaiian Airlines gift card

Regarding the criteria mentioned above, the Ulysses gift card (which can be purchased here) has all the advantages. It’s sort of like giving cash as a gift. But with the certainty that the sum associated with the gift will necessarily be spent on booking an airplane flight.

At no additional cost (the amount you pay is the amount the gift recipient can use), this really is the perfect solution to providing a 100% flexible plane ticket.

Pitfalls to avoid before giving a plane ticket as a gift

Before buying a plane ticket as a gift, you should ask yourself several questions. Indeed, there are many pitfalls to avoid. For many reasons, it is important to keep flexibility in the choice of flight.
In order to avoid forcing the recipient of the gift with a choice of destination (via a company) and not to force him to “pay more” for his ticket, total flexibility is important.

The recipient of the gift must be able to choose: His airline when booking the flight and not

– During the gift

– Its destination

– His travel dates

Write a message or cover letter?

On each type of gift card, it is possible to add a personalized word, for example for a birthday or a wedding. Also, there is a specially designed card format for Christmas and the New Year celebrations. For any other occasion, simply opt for the classic format and personalize your Ulysses gift card with a personal note. In my opinion, the gift bag sent by post or hand delivered is best to offer a plane ticket in an original way. With the envelope, the surprise effect will inevitably be more than just sending an e-card by email.

Whatever the format chosen for your present, the minimum amount is 20 $. Note, if you simply want to “contribute” for a plane ticket, the gift voucher can be used for part of the payment. If you offer 200 $ and the ticket price will probably be around 400 or 500 $, the amount you offer will be deducted from the price to be paid by the recipient of the gift. This is also 100% flexible.

Gift certificates offered by partner companies?

AVIS and Budget, both car rental companies, offer you the option of purchasing their gift cards using your Hawaiian miles.

AVIS Rent-a-Car and Budget Group offer a $ 50 gift certificate worth 10,000 miles while a $ 100 gift certificate is worth 20,000 miles. If you want to treat yourself to a check for $ 200, you need 40,000 miles.

Buy a Hawaiian Airlines gift card online

It is from your computer or smartphone that you can purchase and send a Hawaiian Airlines gift card or the one offered by one of its partners by filling out an electronic form. The gift cards provided by Hawaiian Airlines and its partners are valid for:

– Buy a plane ticket (use a maximum of 4 cards for the purchase of a single ticket)
– Pay fees (taxes / baggage supplements / …)
– Upgrade to a higher class (Extra comfort, Preferred Seat, Premium, …)

Products / services that you could not buy with gift cards

These cards cannot be used for:

– Pay reservation change / modification fees
– Access to the Plumeria Lounge, Premier Club,
– Buy travel insurance
– Buy a vacation package
– Pay a price difference after booking change
– Rent a car
– Payment of a special service (transport of animals, transport of equipment for passengers with reduced mobility, …)
– Freight transport (luggage or merchandise)
– Pay fees to have a child travel alone by plane (unaccompanied minor)

Checking the gift card balance

You have two different choices to access your balance, either you call 1.8662.944.472, or you identify yourself to your online customer area through this address.

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