Buy miles online: combine miles + dollars to buy Hawaiian Airlines plane tickets

You could buy miles yourself or give them away as presents to someone else who has already joined. Members can purchase up to 10,000 miles for $500 per increment.

Clicking on the “Buy now” button will allow you to purchase the miles right away. With purchases made using your own Hawaiian Airlines credit card, earn 3 miles for every $1 spent.

To top up your mileage balance for an upcoming flight award, simply book your trip through our app by tapping “Book Now” at checkout. You can find out how many miles you need and how much it might cost.

Members must earn at least one mile per account before they’re eligible for buying miles. You must buy miles in 500-mile increments You can buy airline tickets through MileagePlus by purchasing up to ten thousand (10K) American Airlines AAdvantage® Miles for $100 USD.

You can purchase miles for use with flights purchased from Hawaiian Airlines’ partner airlines (such as United) or using MileagePlus® credit cards issued by banks such as Chase, Citi, USAA, Bank of America, Capital One, HSBC, Wells Fargo, PNC, SunTrust Banks, UMB Financial Corporation, TD Ameritrade, ING Direct, Fiserv, American Express Travel Related Services Company LLC (“AXS”) and others. Miles are not transferable.

Miles purchased are non-refundable. You do not qualify for elite qualifying miles by purchasing miles; instead, earn them through qualifying steals. Customers can log into their account to purchase airline tickets for travel purposes or use them to earn points. You can buy and earn miles with any valid Mastercard™, but most purchases must be made with HawaiianMiles® cards. Purchased miles are immediately relevant and tied to the award.

If you want to use your miles faster, book them now! You can use the miles for an award flight or a vacation package.

Hawaii Miles members can purchase unlimited points in 500 mile increments. You’ll earn even more points by purchasing with your Hawaii Milies World Elite MasterCard.

It’s as simple as this: if you want an extra 400 miles for an award flight, you can do it this way:

– Measure 1

Go to and click “Login” located in the upper right corner.

– Measure 2

Choose the purchase option for miles. When you are in your HawaiianMiles dashboard, click on the “Buy Miles” option that is saved in the left side navigation bar, then enter the following tips:

– Select the amount of HawaiianMiles you would like to purchase (in 500 mile increments)

– Select whether you are buying miles for yourself or as a gift.

If you are purchasing miles as a gift, you will need to enter the following information:

– Overview of your HawaiianMiles order summary

– Enter your payment card/debit card information

– Enter your billing information

– To complete the purchase, click on the “Buy now” button

If you are prompted for confirmation before submitting your payment details, you may be directed to a page where you confirm your purchase by providing an order number. You receive an e-mail address for each product ordered from us.

If you want extra mileage for your next vacation, don’t hesitate and book it now! You don’t need to be patient. Whenever you need extra miles to travel, you can buy them anytime.

Buy HawaiianMiles online

Did you know that you can buy airline miles for yourself? Log in to your Hawaiian Airlines account and buy miles today.

To buy miles

Having trouble buying miles? Click here to learn how to purchase HawaiianMiles.

Just a few notes

You cannot purchase airline tickets using corporate account credit cards from companies. There may be limits on the maximum number of miles available for purchases online, and these limits may change at any time.

To present miles

Members can log in and click the”Buy Miles” connection, then pick the”Gift” option.

Members who choose to purchase miles from one person for someone else receive the bonus miles but another member receives just the purchased miles.

If you want to purchase as many increments of 500 miles as you’d like for yourself, then you need an account at Hawaiian Airlines.

If you want to purchase HawaiianMiles online, contact the HawaiianMiles service center.

HawaiianMiles pricing

You are allowed to buy one car for every 500 miles. Here’s a quick way for you to figure out how much it costs to purchase HawaiianMiles at different levels.


Cost ($)
































You may buy HawaiianMiles from Hawaiian Airlines’ web site or by calling their service center. If purchases made through a third party (such as an online marketplace) violate any terms of service, they could result in cancellation of the account.

Maximize the miles in your account

Members of the Hawaii Mileage Plus® Program have the option to double or triple their mileage after booking a flight. You can access the MilesMaximizer feature from within your customer account.

The Way It Works

With Miles Maximizer, you can get miles to double or triple your flight miles for your travel. You can increase your mileage points for flights between neighbor islands by up to 2,000 miles (3,200 km). If you want to increase your mileage by three times or double it by two times, select Yes. Otherwise, choose No.

On your reservation, there’ll be a note indicating whether you purchased miles together with Miles Maximiser. If you want to book now, then you need to reserve now. However, if you don’t want to book yet, you can always “Optimize” any time before arriving at your destination.

Remember that miles bought throughout Miles Maximizer aren’t counted as flight miles or count on your HawaiianMiles membership standing.

Make a reservation using dollars and miles?

Organizing your travel using miles/dollars is another way to plan your trip. You won’t see any specific trade routes; instead, you’ll just get an overview of costs and mileage requirements.

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