Request a refund from Hawaiian Airlines after your flight is canceled

You had bought a plane ticket without accommodation or stay on the Internet or in a travel agency but the airline company Hawaiian Airlines canceled the flight for any reason? In theory, you are entitled to a refund of the full price of the ticket.

What to do if a Hawaiian Airlines flight is canceled and how to request a ticket refund?

Passenger rights change depending on the type of flight contracted, the cause of cancellation or whether or not they have travel insurance. Here are some of the recommendations of the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency.

In the event of cancellation of a flight, the company must offer the passenger three options: reimbursement, alternative transport as soon as possible or alternative transport on another date that suits the passenger.

In the case of return flights purchased in the same reservation, if the outward flight is canceled and the passenger chooses the refund, this will also apply to the return flight. If they were purchased in different reservations, only the price of the canceled trip will be refunded.

If you are unable to contact the airline, how long do you have to claim?

It is necessary to present the complaint at the very moment of the cancellation. The deadline for claiming a refund is 21 days. Passengers also have legal channels open at all times to assert their rights.

Submit your refund request using this electronic form or call customer service for additional information on the procedure: 1.800.367.53.20

Hawaiian Airlines only offers you a redeemable voucher with an expiration date. Is it legit?

The law states that the airline must offer the passenger three options:

– Refund,

– Alternative transport as soon as possible,

– Alternative transportation on another date that suits the passenger.

If reimbursement is chosen, the company must pay this money in cash. To be able to reimburse using a credit note, the passenger must have accepted this option over the others.

Refund amount to claim from Hawaiian Airlines

The law is clear, any ticket not used is unregistered. However, service fees may be charged in certain cases:

– Reserved ticket for travel on a domestic flight in Hawaii: $25

– Ticket purchased to fly between US cities: $100

Important: This service fee is not charged for tickets booked at military rates

Instances where Hawaiian Airlines will not issue refunds to its passengers:

– If the destiny designated on the ticket is: SFO, OAK, SFO, SJC

– If the arrival destination is designated on the air ticket with: OAK, SFO, SJC, SFO

For passengers who booked a seat at the Seat Extra Comfort fare and then, after the cancellation of their initial flight, they booked a seat in Economy class, Hawaiian Airlines will reimburse them the difference between the two fares.

If you are the one canceling your flight

If you request the cancellation of your plane ticket, the refund is not guaranteed, even if you cannot travel due to traffic restrictions decided by the authorities.

If your ticket is neither refundable nor exchangeable, contact the airline to find out if it has put in place special postponement or cancellation conditions. You will at least be entitled to reimbursement of airport taxes (airport tax and passenger fee) but you will have to request it. If you have taken out cancellation insurance, it may not be of much help since in most cases, health risk coverage is not provided.

Hawaiian Airlines is ignoring you, what should you do?

In the event of an incident, a complaint must first be filed with the company. If it does not respond within one month or if the response is not satisfactory, you can go to court.