Hawaiian Airlines Extra-Comfort seats for Premium air travel

The Extra Comfort seats are part of the luxury products that Hawaiian Airlines offers to its passengers, with the additional space they offer to the legs. They are the best choice for traveling on long-haul flights served by the American company.

Passengers can treat themselves to this high-end product called, Extra Comfort, which offers additional legroom. Travelers get a whole new comfort travel experience by choosing the Hawaiian Extra Comfort seat.

Choosing one airline or another on a flight depends on many factors such as ticket prices, available times or the amount of luggage allowed. But you may also need to take into account the space available in the seats, especially tall passengers, who can experience a real nightmare when traveling if they cannot position their legs comfortably.

In every Hawaiian Airlines plane, there are seats that provide greater comfort. Many travelers choose the Comfort Extra seats, which offer them between 94 and 104 centimeters of legroom (compared to an average of 78 centimeters for normal seats).

Priority screening and priority boarding

Priority will be given to passing security checks and storing carry-on baggage. Priority security check services are available in Honolulu, New York, Auckland, Portland, San Diego and Seattle.

Personal electrical outlet

Personal electrical outlets are also available for Extra Comfort customers. Please use it for charging general electronic devices.

Excludes devices such as medical devices and personal humidifiers.

Amenity kit

An amenity kit will be provided to all passengers traveling on Extra Comfort on international flights *.

* Excluding Papeete and Pago Pago

Experience extra comfort

Please reserve extra comfort seats when you purchase your ticket. If you have already booked your ticket, you can upgrade now.

The additional comfort is in principle not refundable.

However, if a customer who has purchased a ticket and Extra Comfort from the Hawaiian Airlines official website wishes to cancel both and meets the following conditions, a refund will be accepted.

  • Within 24 hours of each date of purchase
  • The boarding date must be at least 7 days before the purchase date

In addition, passengers who change flights will be able to rearrange their seats at no additional cost only if the added comfort of the modified flight is available.

Please contact the Hawaiian Airlines call center for more information.

What seats are recommended for Hawaiian Airlines Extra Comfort?

Hawaiian Airlines has a seat called “Extra Comfort” which can be slightly upgraded compared to economy, currently, only Airbus A330s.

You can switch from “Economy” to “Extra Comfort” for 15,000 yen one way plus the economy fee. Currently there are 68 seats

Additional comfort benefits

Presentation of the difference compared to the economy:

– Widen your feet

The biggest merit is this! With a seat spread of around 91.44cm, you can reduce the fatigue and stress of sitting in the cabin compared to economy. The “pitch pitch” is the distance between the front and the back of an airplane seat.

It’s 5 inches wider than the economy seat’s 79cm pitch, and you might be thinking, “Is that only 5”?

By the time you are seated, you will have felt the 5 inch size. Worth it at this point! Even slightly wider feet will make you much more comfortable.

The headrest is covered with leather and can be folded freely to secure the head. You don’t have to have a neck pillow.

– Priority boarding

In case of economy, the boarding order is “ZONE 3” and the last boarding group. The additional comfort is increased by one to become “ZONE 2”, 1. Those who need help, 2. You can board in Business Class, then in the third “ZONE 2”.

The advantage of boarding first is that you don’t have to stand in long lines at the gate that scans your tickets. Sit in the seat and wait for take-off.

Also, when you get off the plane on arrival, it will be the exit for business class ahead, so you can get off immediately after business class.

In addition, there is a USB power port on the bottom right of the monitor, so USB charging is also possible. It is no longer necessary to charge it before it appears.

– Cosmetics and well-being

A pouch with a set of products provided by Hawaiian Textile “Sig Zane” with a pattern of Hawaiian plants.

The comb is a set that is organic and has a natural feel, like a wooden ballpoint pen and a recycled paper ballpoint pen with the Hawaiian Airlines logo.

The brand name for body hand lotion, moisturizing mist and lipstick is “lōli’i”. The hand body lotion and moisturizing mist have a forest scent. The lip balm is fragrance free. It can be used.

A rustic crocodile clutch with the ‘Auri Irani Lehua’ print on campus. It is not a hibiscus. Inside is an impression of “HAWAIIAN AIRLINES”.

The eye mask also has a floral design called “Auri Irani Lehua” with the motif of a flower that grows in Hawaii.

You can purchase upgrades to Extra Comfort at online check-in, automatic check-in desks and boarding counters, not just at the time of pre-order.

Discover the cabin plan

Extra Comfort has 68 seats. As soon as he leaves business class, he will be in the first row of the rear emergency exit.

– Where should you sit? Recommended seats

The 2nd row seats of “11 rows A, B, HJ” just after business class are recommended seats. The partition in the business class is a wall and the seat back is also a wall, which feels like you are in a private room and you can sit back.

The legs can be stretched out and the rest is a wall, so you can easily knock down the seat without hesitation!

You can put your luggage under your feet except during take off and landing, so I lift the bag under my feet and use it as a support to put my legs on. At my height, it can be stretched almost straight and is as tall as a business chair.

– Ordinary seat

If you can’t get the 11th and 12th row, you will have 2 rows of seats per 15th row. We have the impression that it is neither good nor bad. The 14th row is behind the 15th because it is difficult to put the luggage in the compartments during take-off and landing.

People sensitive to odors may prefer a seat further away from the toilet. The unique smell of the toilet, like air fresheners, enters and leaves the toilet every time.

In addition, to benefit from an upgrade to business class

If you book Extra Comfort and the flight is available in Business Class, you may receive an e-mail with an ad “Auction program”.

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