Southwest Airlines: Rules for transporting checked baggage

How to understand that your suitcase does not exceed the permitted dimensions? It is necessary to measure its height, length and width.

The airline Southwest Airlines advises you to respect a series of measurements in the suitcases and a weight of the luggage, especially if you want to plan each trip in advance. If you have any doubts, for example, what is the maximum weight of luggage in Iberia or how many suitcases this company allows, read the following rules.

The number of checked bags will depend on the type of flight and the fare contracted. For Southwest flights, you can check two bags on Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business Select fares.

Strictly speaking, baggage in the hold of an airplane is not free; its cost is already included in the price. If the suitcase, bag or backpack has successfully passed the check-in check, no additional payment will be required.

When you book a Southwest airline ticket, you should know that you are entitled to two free checked bags with a total weight of 62 inches or more (all dimensions combined), and the maximum weight is 50 pounds.

Items weighing more than 50 pounds and less than 100 pounds, and measuring less than 80 inches (maximum weight and dimensions accepted by Southwest) are transported by paying an additional baggage charge for an average of $75. Items with a weight exceeding the limits required by the American company are redirected to the freight forwarding service.

The Passenger’s baggage is accepted for carriage upon check-in at the departure airport, at the transfer airport, at the stopover airport or at any other check-in point.

When concluding an air carriage agreement for a passenger that provides for free baggage allowance, an air passenger has the right to carry his baggage within the limits established by the carrier at no additional cost.

The free baggage allowance is set by the carrier and provides for the number of pieces and weight of baggage per passenger on the aircraft. At the same time, the free baggage allowance established by the carrier may not provide less than ten kilograms per passenger of the aircraft.

When a passenger concludes an air carriage agreement for a passenger which provides for free baggage allowance, the carrier is obliged to accept baggage for carriage within the limit of the free baggage allowance.

If a passenger enters into an air carriage agreement for a passenger that does not provide for free baggage allowance, the carrier is obliged to accept for carriage baggage paid for by the passenger at the baggage rate established by the carrier.

Excess and Oversize sand Heavy Baggage will only be accepted for carriage if there is free load capacity on the aircraft and subject to payment by the Passenger for the carriage of such Baggage, unless the carriage of such baggage has been agreed with the carrier and paid for when booking, as well as cases of carriage of wheelchairs and other movement aids used by a disabled passenger and other persons with reduced mobility.

The carriage of oversized baggage, heavy baggage, service dogs, pets and birds is paid according to their (their) actual weight, dimensions and number of pieces at the baggage rates established by the carrier, regardless of other things of the passenger carried as checked baggage, with the exception of a dog, a guide accompanying a visually impaired passenger, a wheelchair, crutches, canes, walkers, walking frames used by a disabled passenger and other disabled persons, as well as a stroller used by a passenger, having dimensions that do not allow him (them) to be placed safely in the aircraft cabin on a shelf above the passenger seat or under the seat in front of the passenger seat, and transported at no additional cost.

Baggage transport for little travelers

Southwest’s baggage allowance for infants and children with a child or infant discounted ticket will be the same as for adults, plus you can take a stroller, buggy or collapsible stroller as additional baggage.

For children two years of age or younger, their parents may carry a bag containing breast milk and a small personal item free of charge.

Transporting sports equipment in checked baggage

When it comes to sports baggage at Southwest Airlines, you can check the following items for free if they are part of your checked baggage allowance: ski equipment, golf equipment, fishing equipment, and mechanical wheelchairs.

Bicycles, surfing, windsurfing, kite and boogie boards and snorkeling equipment will be considered excess baggage, so you will need to pay extra at the airport for each item. Don’t forget to read the transportation requirements and measurements for each item. This sports equipment must be properly placed and secured to avoid discomfort or damage during loading, transport and unloading.

You can also buy extra bags if you don’t have enough with your free checked bags. In addition, Southwest Airlines allows you to travel with pets such as dogs, cats, birds or others in the hold or cabin of the aircraft if you wish, for this they must go in a bag of resistant, safe, comfortable and ventilated transport. You must check that you have all the legal documents and authorizations and, in addition, inform the reservation office when you buy your ticket.

Guide dogs can travel, both in the cabin and in the hold, at no additional cost as long as they accompany passengers with special needs.

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