Southwest Companion Pass: How do you get this status?

A Southwest Companion Pass is a coveted perk among Southwest Loyalists. In effect, owning the pass is like getting a buy-1 get-1 offer on your Southwest flights. Every time you buy a ticket or redeem points for a flight, you can choose an accompanying passenger for free, or at least for the cost of taxes and fees only. Getting a Companion Pass is easy, but getting one can be a challenge. Southwest’s credit card helps you earn the pass faster, by helping you pay for your ticket price.

Companion Pass: What is it?

You can get a free companion pass if you book 1 flight each month for 12 months. Or you can get a free companion if you earn 125,000 points per year. Points earned by booking flights through Southwest Airlines count towards this requirement.A Companion Pass is a reward given out by Disney to people who spend enough money at Walt Disney World Resort. Companions get free entry into parks, discounts on merchandise, and other benefits. Companions also get a yearly pass that allows them to come back to the resort as many times as they want during the calendar year in which they earned it.

Get a companion pass now

You can earn 125,000 RapidRewards points to reach your desired airline status if you spendreward. You can use them to shop online through their bonus mall. You can also become a Rapid Rewards member by dining at participating restaurants. $1,000 on any purchase during the first three months of opening an account.

Your sign-up bonus includes a 40,000 point bonus.Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card has the most sign up bonus. Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card has the least sign up bonus. American Airline earns more than any other airline. You can earn a lot of points by using your Southwest card. By shopping online through Southwest’s bonus Mall, you can earn even more points. Southwest is a discount airline that offers frequent flyer miles.

You should avoid transferring points from other cards as they are not eligible for this status, and don’t use your points to buy your way to the Companion Pass. Chase’s “One Southwest Card Rule”: If you already have a southwest consumer card, you likely won’t be eligible for another. You also probably won’t get a second Southwest card. And if you’ve previously received a bonus from a previous Southwest credit or debit card, you might not qualify for another.

Flying is expensive, and at first glance airfares are only going up. The good news? If you’re traveling with a close friend or family member on a Southwest flight, you may be eligible for a discount on your guest’s airfare.

Southwest Airlines offers one of the best-known discounts for companions. If you qualify, the Southwest Companion Pass lets you choose one guest to travel with you for free each time you purchase or redeem points for your own ticket on a flight within the United States, Mexico or the Caribbean.

Southwest has what many frequent travelers consider to be the holy grail of travel. Unlike some airlines that offer a single companion ticket once a year, Southwest allows qualified members to nominate a friend to fly with them for free (excluding taxes and fees) on multiple Southwest flights for up to two years.

Once you qualify for the Companion Pass, you can begin using it immediately. Since it will be valid for the rest of the calendar year in which your status is obtained and the entire calendar year following, a single companion pass can be valid for almost two years.

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