Transport your surfboard with Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines allows the free transport of surfing equipment such as kitesurfing, wakeboarding or windsurfing and diving on board its flights. Passengers have the option of carrying a bag containing their surfing equipment in the hold (instead of one of their checked bags). Make sure your bag or ski cover does not exceed your airline’s dimensions. You will have to pay extra if your bag exceeds the stipulated measurements.

Complimentary transportation is only available on Southwest Airlines’ own flights. However, the transport of the equipment must be agreed in advance via the call centers or the offices of the American airline.

Offer is not valid for flights on aircraft of carriers not included in the Southwest group, even if their flights are included in the same ticket.

The total weight of diving or surfing equipment registered as baggage must not exceed the weight of checked baggage included in the ticket booked. This equipment is not taken into account in the calculation of the weight of the passenger’s other baggage.

A set of surfing gear can include a surfboard, bindings, wetsuit, pair of boots, and other accessories.

A scuba kit may contain a vest, wetsuit, helmet, gloves, boots or fins. We also authorize the transport of other equipment such as the manometer, octopus regulator, mask with snorkel and other accessories, …

Advice and precautions to take before departure

First of all, when inquiring about airline ticket prices pay particular attention to the baggage policy of your airline Southwest Airlines.

Additionally, the size of your boards can impact the price of your flight. A bag of three six foot short boards can actually cost less than a ten foot long board depending on the dimensional loads.

Protecting your surfboard on the plane

Traveling with a surfboard is not easy when you have to take the plane. Baggage at airports, even fragile ones, is not always handled gently. This is why good protection of your sliding equipment is essential.

– Buy a thick cover for your board

About 6 inches wider than your largest board so you can stuff your bag. Either by yourself with clothes or with a pre-padded cover.

If your equipment is too heavy, you can take a cover on wheels.

– Remove the fins from your board

Either directly if you have removable fins that you will wrap in a towel with the fin key, either by placing a box of fins on your board to protect them.

– Remove old wax from your board

To prevent your cold water surf wax from melting in your bag.

– Get a nose bumper

It’s an accessory to protect the nose of your board:

– Slip the board into a sock cover and then into bubble wrap to apply double protection.

– Stick a label on your bag to designate the fragility of your equipment

You should always be well informed before going on a plane trip with your surfboard. Do not hesitate to contact the companies directly and remain patient and friendly with the employees, because your kindness can earn you a reduction in the cost of transporting your board.

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