Airline tickets issued by Southwest Airlines may be returned under various conditions related to the amount of commissions, fines and other ticketing fees.

Many passengers worry about what to do if they make a mistake when issuing a ticket online or miss their flight.

A passenger of the American airline has the right to cancel a ticket according to its type and fare conditions:


Reusable (applied as Travel Funds toward a future trip) Refundable
Wanna Get Away® Yes



Yes Yes
Business Select® Yes



Passengers booking their flight tickets with the Wanna Get Away, Anytime and Business Select fares can use them again if they cancel them more than ten minutes before the departure time.

These fares are refundable provided you request your refund ten minutes or more before flight departure.

Otherwise, Southwest Airlines allows the reimbursement of plane tickets regardless of the fare reserved by the passenger if the latter decides to give up his reservation less than 24 hours after booking his flight.

How long does it take to get a refund?

From the moment the passenger requests a refund, it can take from a week to several months. For the transport company Southwest Airlines, there are no limits in this area, and each operates according to its own system, which can be informed with a representative.

When purchasing a ticket via the American company’s website, the passenger can expect a refund as a last resort after three months.

Where and how to request reimbursement of a plane ticket?

There are several options where the business customer can request a refund transaction. The passenger can use one of the available options:

Go to Southwest Airlines official website;

Contact the US company’s call center: and ask a travel agent for help;

Return via the airport terminal ticket office.

When you decide to return a travel document through the company’s website, you need to go to the ticket booking section. Each of them has its own number, after the introduction of which the operation will begin to return the ticket and return the remaining money. Or, you can request your reimbursement by telephone, you must call the operator’s reservation number for this. You must be prepared to explain the reasons to an authorized employee.

You can also return a ticket purchased from a travel agency through the company’s website or by calling one of the contact telephone numbers. Then you will have to follow the employee’s instructions.

If a passenger purchased a ticket for an air flight at the counter, it can be returned in the same way. The cashier will need a seat ticket and a citizen’s passport. The money will be returned immediately less the commission withheld.

If the owner cannot return the ticket himself, it can be done by an authorized person. In this case, a power of attorney must be drawn up, which must be certified in a notary office. This solution will allow you to easily solve the problem of a refund without the personal involvement of the boarding pass owner.

Refund of Southwest Airlines e-tickets

E-tickets purchased on the carrier’s official website must be returned via the website. Companies may have specifics about the return operation, but the general outline is the same.

Upon entering the section, the customer has the opportunity to get acquainted with a special form and fill it out electronically. Visitors to the site will be required to provide their personal data and contacts. After completing and submitting the questionnaire, you should expect feedback from a company employee.

You can personally come and write a statement in the presence of the manager. He will explain the rules for completing the questionnaire, the amount of the amount deducted and the possibilities of exchanging one boarding pass for another.

Exchange a plane ticket

The options for exchanging one note for another are influenced by several factors. For example, the reasons why the passenger had to take such a step, the prices of the company’s services and the date of the flight, as well as the deadline for the customer’s request to carry out this step.

The ticket holder can only change it to their own name. The ticket must be purchased from the same company and allow travel in the same class.

If an error was made when issuing the ticket

When buying a ticket on the official website, passengers can make a mistake and accidentally confuse the date of the flight or other data. If the buyer discovers this, it is important to act immediately.

It is necessary to call the contact number of the company and ask the employee for help in resolving this misunderstanding.

Even non-refundable tickets are subject to a rule that allows you to change them on the first day without loss of value. Unless seat reservation fees may be withheld.

If the passenger is late for the flight

If a passenger is late for a flight, he can take decisive action to urgently return the ticket. To avoid maximum losses, you must apply at least four hours before the start of registration.

When the passengers of the flight are already boarding, the chances of minimal losses begin to decrease sharply due to the entry into force of increased fines.

Even if the ticket cannot be returned and the money returned, it is worth letting your airline know what happened. Especially if such a situation arose with a passenger for whom this flight was not the only one, but other flights follow him. This action is extremely important as most airlines including Southwest Airlines adhere to the rule of canceling subsequent flights.

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