Rapid Rewards: Buy miles points and get access to exclusive program benefits

Do you still need a few Miles to book the trip of your dreams? Want to please your friends or family? From now on, you can buy Miles-Rapid Rewards and use them as you wish. Don’t wait any longer to buy additional Miles.

Southwest Airlines offers a service specializing in the sale of Rapid Rewards miles. You can buy miles in the following ways:

Online: Go to this page, enter the login details to access your account and then buy so many points you want (up to 60,000 each day).

By Phone: Call the American company’s customer service at 1.800.435.97.92 and ask an agent to help you purchase the number of points you want in your subscriber account. Choose the most convenient communication method for purchasing miles.

Every day, many transactions are made for the purchase and sale of air miles, after verification of sellers. This ensures complete security of your wallet and Rapid Rewards member account.

One of the most advantageous points of this offer is that the Miles are credited to your account almost instantly. In fact, the Miles are credited within seventy-two hours of their purchase.

For an exchange already planned, this offer represents a good deal. Moreover, by combining the purchase of Miles with bonuses as well as the use of the credit cards offered by Southwest, it is even easier to obtain more Miles to get your hands on an award ticket. As mentioned, it is highly recommended to combine this offer with the purchase of a reward ticket; you will get more for your money. Avoid fraud by buying miles directly on Southwest.com

A fraudster acts as an intermediary and, during a dialogue with a potential buyer of miles, can carry out all manipulations with the seller’s real account. In fact, the seller, unsuspectingly, thinks he is communicating with a real buyer. The scammer contacts you, and as soon as you transfer money to the scammer, your reservation will be canceled. The real seller will not receive the money.

A confusing scheme, but one of the most popular, therefore, we have a whole arsenal of methods to verify mileage sellers, so that when you buy airline miles, you will be 100% protected.

Buy award miles for yourself

Are you a Rapid Rewards member? You can buy miles in increments of 1,000, up to 60,000 miles per day.

Buy miles to gift them

Would you like to offer miles to one or more loved ones? You can give them a gift in increments of 1000 Miles. They can receive up to 60,000 miles per day. Don’t know their card number? All you have to do is send their email address to the airline, and they will receive a PIN that will allow them to receive their miles. And even if they are not yet a member of the Rapid Rewards program, they will be able to receive your gift after they join.

Receive miles points as a gift

Did you receive miles as a gift? To credit them to your account, it’s very simple. Go to your Rapid Rewards member account. You can receive your miles using the confidential code received by e-mail. If you need additional information or assistance, call Southwest Airlines Customer Service directly.

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