A-List: Find out what this status has in store for Rapid Rewards subscribers

With Rapid Rewards A-List elite status you get free upgrades, priority check-in, early boarding, and other perks. You also pay less when you fly. But there are some things you need to know about the reward program before you sign up.

You should always check if you’re getting what you pay for. This company doesn’t offer any discounts or promotions, but you’ll get a better deal elsewhere. Their customer service is also terrible, and you won’t be able to cancel your membership without paying extra fees. Southwest Airlines is an American company that offers great service. It’s famous for being very friendly and flexible when it comes to travel plans.

It also offers low prices and gives away extra baggage. Southwest Airlines offers an elite traveler program called A-list. This program rewards loyal customers who book flights frequently. The airline also offers a companion pass that allows you to fly free if you’re flying with someone else.

A-List: Benefits of Rapid Reward Status

A-Listers are people who get priority treatment when flying with American airlines. They also get priority boarding, priority check-in, and dedicated A-list support lines. They’re also given same-day standby free of charge. They can bring a friend or family member along for free on any Southwest flight.

Benefits and privileges of status

– Southwest Airlines doesn’t allow you to earn tier-qualifying miles unless you travel 25 one-way qualifying trips.

– These trips must be flown on Southwest Airlines or earned by earning 35,000 tier-qualified miles per calendar year.

– A-list status gives you guaranteed priority boarding. But if you’re not an A-list member, you’ll still be able to buy a seat upfront for about $30-$50.

– Frequent flyers may want to consider getting A-list status because it can save them hundreds of dollars every year.

– Priority Check In: A-list members get access to shorter security lines. A-list members also get their own dedicated customer support line for faster response times. Same day standby free of airline charges.

– This offer applies to any flight booked by you or someone else using your Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards account. Your base point earnings are increased by 25%.

The privileges of A-List Preferred status

Southwest airlines give A-list preferred status to people who enjoy flying 50 times a year. Southwest gives A-list preferred status by giving them a dedicated phone number. Free Wi-Fi on Southwest Airlines flights is available to A-List Preferred members. You get double your base point earnings on all eligible flights. So, if you’d normally earn 1,000 points on a flight, you’ll earn 2,000 points instead.

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