Traveling with a stroller or car seat on the plane: What are Southwest’s rules?

Parents traveling for the first time with young children on Southwest Airlines often wonder if it is possible to take a stroller on the plane, which ones are allowed to be carried, how much it costs, …, because the comfort and tranquility of the baby as well as his parents is an important element of a good holiday.

Carriage of a stroller on board a Southwest Airlines aircraft is carried out free of charge in the baggage compartment, without factory packaging and in the presence of a small child. You can take it with you before boarding. If the stroller weighs more than 44 pounds, you must carry it in the hold.

When you fly with Southwest Airlines, you can carry a stroller and a car seat free of charge.

Categories of Strollers to Carry on a Southwest Airlines Aircraft

Having a stroller perfectly adapted to go on an adventure is an excellent investment. In recent years, we have seen the appearance on the market of various models of fairly compact strollers which, when folded, correspond to the dimensions of a standard carry-on bag.

Lightweight strollers are divided into two categories: the classics, either the cane or umbrella type strollers, and the (relatively) new advanced compact type strollers, which fold on themselves.

Ways to travel with your stroller on the plane

There are several ways to travel by plane with a stroller, either: check it in at the check-in counter (the stroller will be picked up at the baggage carousel at destination), leave it at the boarding gate or, if we have a stroller of an advanced compact type that corresponds to the dimensions of a cabin bag of the American airline, you can have it with you on board and store it in the overhead compartments.
Compact strollers are recommended for babies from four to six months, depending on the model. Some can be used from birth by attaching the shell to it or by purchasing a cradle as an accessory.

Once folded, the stroller could count as regular cabin baggage (to be considered in our cabin baggage allowance). It is good to have the information and to comply with it as needed. In the worst case, she will be left on the bridge like the others.

Transporting a car seat on the plane

Many parents like to travel with their children. But even a short flight is stressful for a small child. Pressure drops, turbulence zones, landing and take-off – children do not always tolerate these phenomena well. In addition, in case of sharp jerks, the baby is at risk of injury, since his musculoskeletal system is not strong. To prevent this from happening, safety experts recommend carrying a child on an airplane in a car seat.

Infants under 2 travel free on Southwest Airline. But at the same time, they do not occupy a separate seat or place, but are in the hands of their parents. A small child is strapped in with a separate seat belt.

To transport an infant in a car seat, you will need to purchase another passenger seat where the restraint will be installed. In addition, the seat must be equipped with special supports. Before buying a ticket, all details should be clarified with representatives of the airline. Most often, children’s places are subject to a reduction of fifty percent.

For children over 2 years old, whether traveling in a car seat or not, a separate seat is used. The possibility of flying in your car seat and its required dimensions should be clarified with the airline’s helpdesk.

Car seats, the use of which is permitted in the cabin of an aircraft, carry a special sticker for use on an aircraft. Designated models are compatible with airplane seats and can be secured with the two-point seat belt provided with each passenger seat.

When traveling with Southwest Airlines, the use of a child car seat is permitted. But at the same time, it is necessary to purchase a separate seat for the baby, and the dimensions of the chair must comply with certain parameters: Maximum weight of 22 pounds and dimensions of 45 inches (height + length + width).

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