Transfer Miles online from one Rapid Rewards account to another

Southwest has set up an operation to transfer units of miles from another member’s Rapid Rewards account into the user’s personal account. If there is a sufficient points balance, the customer can share them with a relative or resell them to a third party. Also, if necessary, program currency can be purchased using specialized exchange services.

Transfer rewards to other subscribers

According to the rules of the Southwest Airlines loyalty program, the owner of a sufficient amount of local currency can purchase an award ticket and other promotional goods or services for another person, including a non-member of the program. The transfer is carried out free of charge, trading in high-end goods is prohibited. Users of a junior bonus promotion are prohibited from transferring awards, including award tickets.

How do you transfer miles to another program member?

Travelers ask if they can transfer their accumulated miles to another program member. To cope with the task, follow the procedure:

– On the main page of the official portal, log in using the membership card number and password, enter the SMS confirmation code.

In your personal account, select the “Spend” function. In the form that opens, search for “Transfer miles”, then read the terms of use. A transfer of 60,000 miles is authorized per day (per 1000 points). It will also be possible to transfer savings if you have managed to complete at least one flight after registration: before that, the welcome bonuses remain blocked on your balance.

Enter the number of the recipient member, indicate the number of points desired for the transfer. Check the appropriate box to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions.

An SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to the linked phone number, which you will enter in the appropriate box.

When transferring accumulated bonuses, make sure you have entered the recipient information correctly. The program rules do not provide for refunds, so it will not be possible to correct errors.

Selling miles in the Rapid Rewards program

Sometimes a participant in the program does not fly with Southwest Airlines for a long time and his bonuses should soon run out. There is not enough for an award ticket, there is no one to transfer miles, … In such cases, travelers decide to resell their points in order to make at least some profit.

What can miles be spent on?

Points become the equivalent of cash when paying for flight tickets. In addition, there is another possibility, to sell points for real money. Despite the fact that the rules of the program do not accommodate such an operation, there is an opportunity to circumvent the ban and receive material benefits. The flaw is the transfer of bonuses from account to account. Such an operation is not free and has limits on the annual volume of points.

The carrier does not prohibit the use of accumulated miles for commercial purposes. But travelers make sales by finding customers on social media or forums. Certainly, there is a risk that your account may be blocked for violation. The American company allows you to sell your miles through secure platforms such as and

If you want to transfer points to another person, it is more advantageous to negotiate not an account-to-account transaction, but a personal meeting and issuing an award ticket at the carrier’s office. This option is not prohibited by the rules, but the probability of receiving money increases. Additionally, Southwest Airlines will not be able to determine if you are expecting a monetary reward from the second party.

Inexperienced mileage merchants turn to middlemen who supposedly have verified customers.
According to the statements, they work in the following way: the buyer transfers money to the guarantor; he indicates that the funds are in his account; you transfer miles; the buyer informs the guarantor of his credit; he sends you money.

There is a weak link in such schemes: you cannot be sure of the reliability of the guarantor. If you decide to sell anyway, remember that there are many deceivers out there.

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