Fly with your own skis with Southwest Airlines?

The transport of ski or snowboard equipment by plane always generates doubts about the possible conditions as well as the price.

When you are preparing to prepare for your snow trip to a distant destination, doubts often arise about how you should carry your sports luggage.

When the December weekend approaches, a few days of rest which winter sports lovers take advantage of to escape to the mountains and live their passion. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or skeleton are some of the most practiced disciplines when the snow reaches the peaks. And what these sports have in common is that they require high-volume equipment and accessories.

Transport your skis by plane and your sports equipment

You know where you are going to spend your next ski touring or freeride trip, but it’s time to book your plane ticket. And there you are wondering how it is transporting skis by plane?

Each company applies its own pricing policy and conditions for transporting skis or sports equipment, but Southwest Airlines allows you to bring, at no additional cost, in addition to your checked baggage and your cabin baggage, a special piece of baggage for sports, including skiing. This is the best because you don’t have to pay anything extra.

Transporting skis and snowboards with Southwest Airlines

Whether it’s a pair of skis or a snowboard, poles, helmets or boots, if you plan to travel by plane with these accessories, you must carefully study the baggage policy of the American airline.

These are items considered special baggage on a flight and therefore Southwest generally requires you to check these bags. The transport of this baggage is free. Each passenger is allowed one item of similar weight and dimensions to checked baggage.

Southwest says a pair of skis, poles and boots can be checked in – wrapped, labeled and protected – as special baggage. As for snow equipment, this airline allows you to check in a snowboard and a pair of boots as special baggage.

What to put in the ski baggage?

So here we touch on the great uncertainty of transporting skis by plane, namely: what can you put in the luggage other than skis? Usually the answer is: you can put on skis, boots and poles. Ok but we know that when you travel, especially for ski touring, you have a lot of stuff and you would be tempted to stuff your ski luggage.

The choice of the bag to transport your skis by plane

There are those who put their skis in a standard bag and those who put them in a real ski carrying bag.

Ski bag:

– Easy to carry;

– Avoid buying a specific bag;

– Limits space and weight so you will be reasonable on business;

– Does not take up space when empty;

Ski carry bag:

– Protects skis;

– Allows you to store a lot of things;

– Includes pockets for ski boots;

– Usually has wheels;

– Can store two pairs of skis;

Some of its elements can be stored in your hand luggage. However, any excess weight/dimensions generates excess baggage fees to be paid before boarding.

Checking in ski equipment at the airport

You must first check in, put your classic luggage on the carpet and at the same time have your special ski luggage tagged. Once this is done, go to the “special baggage” counter to drop off the bag with the skis. On arrival, you will generally have to collect your baggage at the carpet or special baggage counter.

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