Traveling with Child on a Southwest Flight: Boarding Rules

The cost of tickets and the rules of placement on the plane vary depending on the age of the child.
At Southwest Airlines, infants are considered children between the ages of 7 days and 2 years. During the flight, the baby must be in the arms of an adult. A handbag can be carried free of charge in the cabin for the little traveler.

An adult can travel with two infants if one of them is eighteen months old

In this case, the baby takes a separate seat and must be seated in an approved child seat. The seat is provided by the parent or guardian accompanying the infant, so they benefit from the full baggage allowance included in their reservation.

Children are passengers between the ages of 2 and 12

Teenagers from 12 years old are considered adults. For them you need to buy a full ticket. The rules for carrying hand luggage and luggage for teenagers are the same as for adults.

If the age of the child changes during the trip and he changes passenger category, this must be taken into account when booking tickets. Otherwise, the child may be refused a return flight or you will be fined. This is especially important if the child turns 2 during the trip: on the way back, he will need a ticket with a separate seat. When booking with Southwest, to find out how much easier and more profitable it is to issue a ticket in this case.

Booking tickets for the child

It is always recommended to make your flight more comfortable already at the ticket booking stage. Carefully study the additional options offered by the airline Southwest Airlines.

When booking tickets, be sure to include the number of infants and children traveling with you.

Baby food to take in hand baggage

Southwest Airlines may offer children’s menus. It must be selected when booking a ticket. In addition to the meals included in the ticket price, the American company sometimes offers a free set of baby food. Usually it is cottage cheese, milk, juice, mashed potatoes. Call the airline 48 hours before departure to order this kit.

If you have chosen a low-cost airline like Southwest Airlines, it is likely that you will need to order paid meals when booking tickets.

When booking tickets, call the airline at 1.8004.3597.92 and order a meal or a crib for your baby.

Required Travel Documents

All documents must be in originals only. No copies are accepted.

  • For the parents

– Ticket (paper or electronic);

– Passport or international passport on which the ticket was purchased.

  • For tutors

– Ticket (paper or electronic);

– Passport or international passport on which the ticket was purchased;

– Notarized authorization from the parents to accompany the child;

  • For kids

– Ticket (paper or electronic);

– Birth certificate. In some cases, for international flights, a copy of the certificate, translated into English and certified by a notary, is required;

– Passport to travel abroad;

Additional documents for each family member:

– Visa if necessary;

– The migration card is completed separately for each family member;

– Medical insurance;

– For a number of countries, everyone, including infants, must have documentation of immunizations and vaccines.

If you and your child have different last names, be sure to call Southwest Customer Service ahead of time and find out what documents are needed to confirm the relationship in your case. You may need time to complete the necessary document.

Selection and choice of seat for your child

Choosing the right seat will ensure a comfortable flight for you and your child. You can choose your seat yourself when you check in online, leave the seat selection to the airline when you check in at the airport.

– Features of seats in different rows

Seats in the front rows and in the wing area are often more comfortable. There is less turbulence and fewer passengers walking down the aisles.

Attaching a carry cot in economy class is usually only possible in the front row. Usually, food is served in the front rows, so there is always a choice here, and by the end of the fair popular dishes may run out.

In most Southwest planes, the first rows have their own compartment with lavatories. But on short flights, often the toilets are located only at the end of the cabin.

The seats in the row in front of the emergency exit do not recline. The seats at the end of the cabin are less comfortable due to the strong feeling of turbulence. But this is where empty rows can remain if the plane is not full, and there is a chance of taking a whole row. By folding the armrests, you can turn two chairs into a cradle for a child.

If you have tickets in the first rows, you can, with the permission of the flight attendant, be transferred to the half-empty plane. But it is more difficult to change seats from the rear rows to the front: the first rows are generally occupied.

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