Carriage of Hand Baggage in the Southwest Cabin: Information Guide

Each passenger is entitled to a bag and a small object whose dimensions are as follows: 10x16x24 inches.

Southwest Airlines is an airline that allows you to carry more and more luggage than your hand luggage, as well as other items that you take with you. These items that you can take into the cabin without having to pay may be: a coat, a shawl, an umbrella, crutches, a cane or a walker, a briefcase, a bag, a garment bag, a wallet, a laptop computer and a bag with items purchased from Duty Free stores at the departure airport. Also, if you are traveling with a baby, you can take a bag with your food, drinks and the necessary items to change it during the flight.

These parcels must be able to be placed under the seat in front of you, except if you are traveling near an emergency exit which must be stowed in the luggage rack.

Special baggage such as collapsible strollers, baby seats, wheelchairs or crutches can also be taken on the plane, although the company may have to place some in the hold due to lack of space in the cabin or for safety reasons, depending on the characteristics of the aircraft.

Southwest expresses in its regulations on hand luggage that due to the limitation of space in cabin luggage and in order to guarantee greater comfort and safety on board, hand luggage, while respecting the measures and established weights, can be picked up by the crew at the boarding gate to be placed in the hold at no additional cost to the passenger.

The flight attendants will affix a tag to your cabin baggage and give you a copy so that you can collect your baggage from the carousels at the arrival airport or claim it in the event of loss or late delivery.

Pet owners should store their pet’s carrier in the overhead compartment. Your hand luggage must respect the size limits described above. If your hand luggage does not correspond to these dimensions, it will not be accepted by the staff and you board without it, and it will be sent to the hold of the plane, thus additional charges may be applied by the American airline.

Make sure all sharp objects are properly covered and secured before use. And please alert a flight attendant if you are going to use a needle/syringe on board. You should also stow your personal belongings under the front seat. Put your personal belongings under your seat.

Southwest Airlines: Carrying liquids in carry-on baggage

You can take liquid items as long as they are in containers under 3.4 oz. You can’t take gel, cream, paste, etc. You must remove liquids from your bags if you choose to go through airport security check points. Any liquid, aerosol, etc., that alarms during screening will be required to undergo additional screening. Medications and baby formula are exempt from this rule.

Transport of lithium battery and electronic cigarette

Passengers traveling with more than 20 spare batteries should pack them into their carryon bags. E-cigarettes and lighters can stay in the passenger cabin as long as passengers aren’t using them while flying.

Strollers and CRS’s are allowed as checked baggage

Car seats are also allowed as checked baggage. Southwest Airlines does not take responsibility for damage to strollers or CRS’s.A Southwest branded car seat/stroller is available for purchase at the airport. It costs $17 per time you use it. It comes in two sizes: Small (42″x20.5″x12.5″) or Large (44″x21.5″x14″). You can buy this item online here.

Duty-Free Items Onboard Southwest Airlines International Flights

Duty free liquids must be kept in secure, tamper evident bags. Liquid must be presented in a STEB.

TSA officers screen liquid before allowing you to board your plane. Liquids that cannot be screened will not be allowed to stay in your bag. You’ll need to put them in your checked luggage if you want to take them through security.

Carry your handbag aboard a Southwest aircraft worry-free

Is the list of clothes, shoes, accessories or cosmetics for your trip endless or, no matter how much

you revise it, do you still consider it incomplete? What you need to know is that if you want to travel with hand luggage on the plane, you cannot throw everything away, because you must comply with airline regulations. These rules also seem to be multiplying and becoming more complicated.

In addition, avoiding the check-in of hand luggage in order to be less loaded or for fear that it will be lost is something that worries many travelers. That it exceeds the stipulated maximum measurements or weight and that the company requires us to check in is something that motivates those of us who travel with no more luggage than our cabin suitcase.

For this reason, in addition to informing you of the weight and size of the cabin suitcase , it will be good for you to solve the doubts that always arise when packing hand luggage , such as, for example, if Southwest allows you to carry extra baggage bags or backpacks or if there are items that will not let you pass the security check.

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