Southwest Airlines Airline Ticket Reservation: How to Change Incorrect Date of Birth

After booking air tickets, some people may wonder what to do if an error has crept into the ticket including the date of birth.

Passengers most often make mistakes when booking airline tickets. When checking in for a flight, an airline employee checks the data in your passport with the data indicated on the electronic tickets. If at least one typo or mistake is made in the date of birth or passport number, this may lead to denial of check-in and denial of boarding the plane.

If the name on the ticket is indicated with an error, it is possible to make corrections only in accordance with the rules of the airline. These rules vary from carrier to carrier. Fortunately, at Southwest, this operation is authorized free of charge or by paying a fee (depending on the airfare). However, the change cannot be made online, but with the assistance of a Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent, reachable at 1.8004.359.792.

It is indeed possible to modify the passenger’s date of birth online if the latter has a Rapid Rewards account, Southwest’s loyalty program. In this case, he can connect and identify himself to his account when booking his ticket and make the necessary changes.

Is it possible to change the passport (document) number on the ticket?

The number of the passport or other document indicated on the e-ticket may be changed. According to the rules of the Southwest airline, the information contained in the electronic ticket must correspond to the data of the document on which the flight is made. To make changes, notify a US Airline Customer Advisor.

Besides the date of birth, the most common errors when booking flights are:

– A typing error in the name, patronymic or surname;

– A typing error in the passport number or its period of validity;

– Names of other people are shown; in the name column – name or patronymic is indicated, or vice versa; the old surname is indicated instead of the current one;

– Error of nationality, citizenship or country of residence;

– Civility error: Mrs/Ms is indicated instead of Mr or vice versa;

– The full name written in Latin letters does not correspond to the passport.

The rules of the airline Southwest Airlines stipulate that the exact data of the air passenger must be entered on the flight ticket and boarding pass, which correspond to the passport data. Misprints are considered a serious error and because of them they may refuse to check in for the flight.

A passenger cannot be registered on a flight, even if it is indicated in the first name – last name column, and the name in the first name or last name column.

A typo in a letter of the last name, especially in the first one, including errors in date of birth, is a common reason for denial of registration for a flight.

To correct errors in the ticket, you must contact the air carrier by telephone, or the organization or agency where you purchased the ticket.

The contact details of your agent, through whom you have booked tickets, are indicated in the tickets themselves, which have been sent to you by e-mail.

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