How and on what to spend Rapid Rewards miles?

Southwest customers who subscribe to its Rapid Rewards program are often concerned about how they can use their accumulated miles, how to spend them most profitably, and how to increase their personal status in the program.

How do you spend your Rapid Rewards miles?

Southwest Airlines encourages its customers with pleasant rewards by charging them to earn number of air miles after each flight reservation, by using the cards of a certain bank or by purchasing products and services from partner companies. By the way, if you are a member of the Rapid Rewards program, you can track the number of miles accumulated in your personal account, to better manage your expenses.

What can you spend Miles on?

For different bonuses and bonuses, you will have to pay different number of units of account. For example, if a member has accumulated more than ten thousand Miles on his personal account, he has the option of purchasing a one-way award ticket. A return ticket will cost double. Tickets for higher class flights are more expensive.

Tickets in different arrival cities have different prices. For an accurate calculation of possible benefits, there is a special Miles calculator on the program website.
Once you’ve accumulated enough miles, you can start using them. To do this, it is convenient to use the personal account. What to spend the bonuses on? The program allows you to obtain:

– Free ticket;

– Improve the class of service;

– Transfer miles to another member;

– Book a hotel with miles;

– Achieve elite status in the program or upgrade it;

– Receive a gift from the Rewards Catalog;

– Donate miles to charity.

How can you spend Rapid Rewards points ?

If a decent amount of miles has accumulated in the bonus account, they can be spent on buying a cheap ticket or, alternatively, upgrading the class of service.

How to buy plane tickets with miles? Easily, on the site of the American air carrier, it is enough to select the direction which interests you and to pay entirely or partially in miles. Is it really profitable to pay for a ticket with miles? Not always, it depends a lot on the class of flight and the airfare. Before buying, it is advisable to use the miles calculator on the official website. But if you’ve racked up some decent miles, it’s still hugely profitable to spend them on improving flight conditions. For example, from economy to business class.

Acquisition of goods and services from partners

Where can you spend miles? The airline partners section includes banks, travel portals, hotels, shops and restaurants. Most of them only allow you to accumulate airline miles, only a few allow you to pay for your goods/services with bonuses. Nevertheless, you can find something to spend Aeroflot miles in almost all categories:

– Room reservation;

– Car rental;

– Fashion and accessories;

– Gastronomy;

– Real estate, insurance, automobile;

– Beauty and wellness;

– Sports and leisures;

– For home and family;

– Restaurants.

The list of partners can be found on the official website of the airline Southwest Airlines. By purchasing services and products you can use the accumulated miles profitably. For example, you can call a taxi, place orders in restaurants, rent cars or hotel rooms, and buy various goods from electronics to sports equipment and perfumes.

Another way to spend Rapid Rewards miles, although less profitable, but with a soul, is to donate them to charity, what funds the airline works with.

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